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What my Clients Say About Me

Success Stories from People I've Personally Coached

Angie Reached her 50 Lb. Weight Loss Goal

Angie could have let excuses get in her way. She has six kids. She has Lupus and Rheumatoid Arthritis. Her husband is deployed. She crushed her excuses and got results!

Jody Lost 134 Lbs.

Jody wanted to be a better mom to her kids. She wasn't happy with the way she looked and felt. She focused on the steps I taught her to take, and she continued to see results with her health and fitness goals. She feels happier and healthier than she's ever felt!

Ny Lost 40 Lbs.

Ny is a busy working mom. She is always on the go. She wanted to feel and look better so she committed to P90X and Insanity. She not only saw results, but she gained confidence and felt amazing after!

Brianne Lost 25 Lbs. & Ran a 1/2 Marathon!

Brianne wanted to feel and look better after having her second baby. She committed to eating healthy, drinking Shakeology daily and doing Beachbody workouts. She not only lost her baby weight, she also ran her first 1/2 marathon!

Trisha Lost 40 Lbs. & Got Rid of her Migraines & Depression

Trisha is one of the busiest people I know! She is always on the go! She wanted to feel and look better. So she committed to Insanity and Shakeology. She lost 40 lbs. and got rid of her migraines and depression.

Jen Lost 50 Lbs. & Became an Instructor!

Jen worked hard to get back in shape. She was dedicated to getting results, and she did! She lost 50 lbs. Now she is an Insanity Instructor at the gym!

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Money Back Guarantee

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