An Unexpected Trip to the Hospital

Last January 2014, Beachbody announced the next big trip for 2015 for Beachbody Coaches. It was a place I’ve always wanted to go! They were headed to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico.  I’ve been to Cancun before, but not to this resort. My parents had been to this resort, and I’d always thought it would be awesome to go!

So I decided to help a lot of people get in shape in 2014. I love helping people get in shape, and it was a bonus to be able to go on an all expense paid trip to the Moon Palace in Cancun, Mexico.

The best part was that my husband, Patrick could go with me this time!

Me and Patrick in Cancun

On our way to Cancun, Mexico

Patrick and I were so excited! We planned for the trip for over a year, and were ready to go! We drove to Utah on Saturday, April 11, so our two little girls could stay with my sister and their cousins while we were gone. Then we flew to Cancun on Monday, April 13.

The trip started out awesome! The weather was perfect, our room was amazing, the resort was beautiful, and everything seemed to be going great!

My parents and two siblings were also there. We planned to go at the same time a year before. It was so fun seeing them there and spending time together.

Some Unexpected Things Happened

On Wednesday night, three days into the trip, I started having contractions, pre-term labor. I was 16 weeks pregnant at the time so I wasn’t expecting it.

At first I just thought I wasn’t feeling well, and it would go away if I slept it off. I was so excited to be in Cancun that I really didn’t want to feel sick!

When I woke up on Thursday, the pain and contractions continued. So I called my doctor in California. They advised me to drink lots of water and go on bed rest. So I did. I laid in bed all day on Thursday.

By Thursday night, I started to feel better so I decided to go out and see some of my friends at the Beachbody party. I was feeling OK at night, but when I woke up on Friday, the pain and contractions continued. So I stayed in bed all day Friday, and went out again on Friday night.

I didn’t have any pain or contractions on Saturday so I thought they went away! We went to the pool on Saturday, to the spa, and then another Beachbody party that night. I thought I was ok.

I was Wrong

I was wrong. I got really sick on Saturday night. We think it might have been food poisoning because I was really sick all night throwing up and diarrhea (TMI).

Sunday was the worst day. I was worried about flying home. I felt awful, and the contractions were closer together. I was in a lot of pain that morning and all the way to the airport.

I went to the doctor at the airport, and she advised me to go to the hospital in Mexico and NOT fly that day…

The pain and contractions were really bad, but I wasn’t bleeding so I thought I’d be OK if I just made it home. I found out later that if I would have told anyone in the U.S.A. I was having contractions, they wouldn’t have let me fly…

The Worst Plane Ride Ever

I’m pretty tough when it comes to “no pain, no gain,” but this was the worst plane ride I’ve ever been on. It was about 4 1/2 hours long, and my contractions were more intense than ever because of the elevation and air pressure. They were every 8-10 min. throughout the whole flight.

The doctor in Mexico told me that if the contractions got really bad on the plane, they would have to do an emergency landing wherever we were. So I didn’t want to tell anyone I was in pain. I really just wanted to get back home.

As we were descending, and the pain was awful, I asked my husband to ask if we could get off the plane first. We thought we’d just quickly get off the plane and head to the hospital.

Well, it turned into a lot more than that! The paramedics came and met me on the plane. Then they drove me to the hospital in an ambulance. It was like being in a scene from a movie. I was grateful they came though. The pain was unbearable at the end, and I was really worried about our baby. I think my panicking made it a lot worse too.

Good News

I was happy to get to the hospital quickly. I was exhausted at this point and wanted to find out if our baby was OK.

They started an IV to get fluids in me since I was so dehydrated. That helped stop the contractions. Then they did several tests to see if they baby was OK.

They also did an ultra sound. The good news is that the baby is OK!! I was so happy to hear that! I was so worried all week.

It’s a Girl!

The second part of good news is that we found out what we are having with the ultra sound. This was our second ultra sound. The first one was at 13 weeks, and they said it was early, but they thought it was a girl. So we didn’t want to tell anyone yet.

We asked the nurse if she could tell what the baby was while we were doing the ultra sound, and she said it definitely looked like a girl! So now it’s two for two!

We have another ultra sound scheduled in two weeks so we will know for SURE if they say it’s a girl then too. 🙂

What a Relief

I am so grateful that our baby is OK. I was so worried. I’ve never had any problems with my pregnancies before, and this was really unexpected. I’ve also had two good friends have miscarriages during my pregnancy this time, and I was so worried I was going to miscarry too.

The next day after we went to the hospital in Salt Lake City, we drove home to California with our two little girls. It took us about 14 hours. It was a long trip home, but we made it home safe.

I was still in pain the next day while we drove home, and this week I’ve had pain here and there, but I am feeling a lot better.

Cancun was still amazing despite the health problems I had. It is a beautiful place, and I was grateful to be able to go with my husband.

When things like this happen, it causes me to stop and realize what I’m grateful for in my life. I feel very blessed and so grateful that everything is OK and we made it home safe.

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Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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    So scary, glad you are home and okay.

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