Ultimate Reset Results!


Before and after the Ultimate Reset. Don’t mind my white stomach!

My Ultimate Reset results are in! This was my second time doing the Reset.

The first time I was trying to learn everything about it. I focused on nutrition and eating better. It was more of a physical reset.

This time was different. It was more of an emotional reset for me. My body changed, but I was really working on letting go of some things I was holding onto emotionally.

I also wanted to get off of sugar. I’ve had a hard time getting off sugar since the holidays!

Physical Changes:

Weight- Down 7 lbs.!
Waist- Down 1 1/2″
Hips- Down 1″
Arms- Same
Thighs- Down .5″
Chest- Same

Emotional Changes:

I focused on letting go of some of the negative things in my life throughout the Reset. It’s hard to explained what happened, but I feel like I let go of the negative things that happened this past year. I let go of the bad and filled it with good. I’m hopeful for the future, and I’m not going to let negative people, experiences, etc. get in my way anymore.

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