Ultimate Reset Day 9

Day 9 went well! This week has been going really well. I love week two!

My husband and girls started feeling better on day 9. My husband was well enough to go back to work, and life started to get back to normal. Week one was a little rough with my little family feeling so sick. I was so happy they were starting to feel better!


I was a little nervous about breakfast for day 9. It didn’t sound that great to me, but it was actually really good! It was seasoned mashed chickpeas and one serving of nori gomasio.

Ultimate Reset Day 9 breakfast.

Ultimate Reset Day 9 breakfast.


Lunch was pinto beans and rice, a microgreen salad and homemade dressing. I love these salads. There are so many veggies in them. Yum!

Lunch Day 9

Lunch Day 9


Dinner was sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque and roasted asparagus with slivered almonds. This was my FAVORITE dinner so far! I loved it! I love this soup and the veggies were amazing! Delish! I could eat this all the time!

Dinner Day 9. My favorite dinner so far!

Dinner Day 9. My favorite dinner so far!


Day 9 was a good day. My family started feeling better. I felt great, and the food was delish! No complaints.

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