Ultimate Reset Day 8

Today was a good day! It was my one week mark since I started. I’m down 2 pounds! Yay! I’m down to 131. I’d like to get back down to the high 120’s. So I don’t have too much to go.

My Morning Walk

I woke up early and went for a walk. I love walking in the morning. It’s a great way to start the day!

I thought it would be hard to just walk instead of run since I love running, but it’s actually been really good. You’re not supposed to do any intense workouts during the Ultimate Reset. This is hard for me because I love intense workouts!

It’s geen good though. It’s good to do lighter exercises and give your body a rest. I’ve been walking and stretching.

I love my walks. They’ve given me time to think, get some fresh air and start my day off right.


Breakfast was a plate of fresh fruit. The fruit was really good. I think I should have eaten more because I was SO hungry by 9 a.m.! I’ll eat more fruit next time that’s on the menu for sure!


I started the detox this week. Last time I did the Ultimate Reset, I gagged down the detox! I thought it was so gross. I couldn’t handle it. It has a grainy texture similar to sand.

This time it wasn’t so bad. I actually liked it. It has a sweet flavor to it. I felt great after I took it too. I was surprised at how good I felt after.


I was starving around 9 a.m. so I ended up eating a mango in between breakfast and lunch. It kept me going until lunch!

Lunch was a big salad with homemade dress and seeds. It tasted really good! I was so hungry! I was supposed to have an avocado too, but I forgot about that…

I made the salad as big as I could! Can you tell that it’s overflowing?


I’ve been having chocolate vegan Shakeology everyday for a snack between lunch and dinner. Beachbody’s CEO’s wife said she had the chocolate vegan Shakeology everyday during the Reset, and she created the Reset, so I figure it’s ok. You’re allowed to have one vegan Shakeology a day. I love it!


I was excited for dinner. Dinner was pinto beans seasoned with spices, brown rice, and steamed green beans and zucchini. It tasted really good. My family liked it too! That was a bonus!

I wasn’t a big fan of beans before I did the Reset the first time, but they’re growing on me. They actually taste really good to me now.


The Ultimate Reset went really well today. I loved getting some exercise in this morning, and the food tasted really good too.

My kids and husband still aren’t feeling well. They all caught the stomach flu. I’m glad I’m doing the Ultimate Reset right now! I think it’s helped me avoid this flu. Knock on wood! I hope they feel better soon!

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