Ultimate Reset Day 6

Day 6 started off great! It didn’t end so well, but it started off good!


Breakfast was baked tempeh, a sliced avocado and steamed kale. It was really good. I like the tempeh in this recipe. It has a really good flavor.

Breakfast Day 6.

Breakfast Day 6.


My friend, Cathy, was here for the weekend. It was awesome to have her here! We went swimming in the morning with my girls. My girls loved swimming! The weather was perfect too. Things were looking really good at this point.


Lunch didn’t go so well… We spent about three hours trying to make lunch. My girls got really sick and lost their lunches. So we ended up giving them three baths and doing lots of laundry.

By the time we got to make our lunch we were both feeling nauseous ourselves! We ended up making the lunch. It was a big salad, with quinoa salad and homemade dressing. It was really good. So from the time we started to the time we finally finished, we were doing lunch for over three hours!

Day 5 lunch.

Day 5 lunch.


We started making dinner about an hour after lunch since lunch took so long! It tasted really good. It was a baked root medley and zucchini-cashew soup. I love this soup! The roots were good too. I liked this dinner.

Dinner Day 6.

Dinner Day 6.

The Glow in the Dark Run

Glow in the dark race

Before the run.

I signed up for a Glow in the Dark 5K race a couple months ago. I thought I’d be ok to do the Ultimate Reset and run a 5K. I was wrong about that! They advise you not to exercise during the reset, and now I know why!

My friend, Cathy, and I ended up doing the run together. I was planning on going with my husband and pushing our kids in the stroller with another couple, but my husband and kids were sick and I couldn’t find my other friends durning the race. So Cathy and I did it together.

I didn’t have any energy during the run. I felt blah. I also felt light headed and a little dizzy. After running for about 10 min. or so, I tripped on a bump in the pavement and totally biffed it! It was not good! I scraped up my elbow and was embarrassed more than anything!

So we ended up walking most of the way. It was the LONGEST 5K I’ve ever done. Note to self- Don’t run a 5K during the Ultimate Reset.

Cathy and I went shopping for healthy foods for Week #2 after the run. We came home and had Shakeology (I had vegan chocolate), and did a 20 min. Combat Stretch workout.


Day 6 was a tough day! With two sick kids and a sick husband, that made it rough. It was not a good idea to do a 5K! The food was good. I loved dinner the best.

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