Ultimate Reset Day 4

Who wants to go swimming? Me!

Who wants to go swimming? Me!

Day 4 went better than the first three days. I still had a little headache, but it wasn’t so bad. I woke up and did Les Mills Combat 30. I know you’re not supposed to do any workouts during the Ultimate Reset, but I really wanted to do something. So I did Combat 30 and the Combat Stretch workout. They were both awesome. The stretch was much needed.


I took our girls swimming later that morning. They were feeling better, not 100%, but better than they have been this week.

They love swimming. Whenever I say, “Who wants to go swimming?” They raise their hands and say, “Me!” It’s so cute. They also love brushing their teeth as you can tell from the picture.

So we went swimming. The weather was perfect. I loved being in the sunshine and spending time with my girls. We had fun.

Part of the Ultimate Reset is reseting your emotions too. Letting go of things you’ve been holding onto. We’ve had a rough year since we moved to Arizona. I won’t go into detail, but it’s been rough. So this round of the reset I want to let go of the past several months. Let go of the things that have happened and move forward.

While we were swimming I laid on my back and floated in the pool. I looked up at the sky and let go. I felt like all of my worries and cares were going away. I know they don’t go away that quickly, but it was nice to reflect and let go.

Day 4 Meals

The food was good as usual. I love the food in the Ultimate Reset. Breakfast was fresh fruit, and plain yogurt with pure maple syrup on it.

Breakfast Day 4

Breakfast Day 4


Lunch was a big salad with fresh veggies and lentils.

Lunch Day 3

Lunch Day 3


Dinner was stir fried veggies with quinoa and cucumber and tomato salad. I loved the stir fried veggies the most.

Dinner Day 4

Dinner Day 4


Overall, Day 4 went really well. I did some exercise, spent time outside with our girls and ate some delicious food. No complaints here!

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