Ultimate Reset Day 18

Day 18 was a great day on Thursday! We spent most of the day since the weather was beautiful! I went on a walk in the morning. I love going for a walk first thing in the morning to get some fresh air! It was gorgeous.

My morning walk.

My morning walk.


Breakfast was another big plate of fresh fruit.

day 16 breakfast

Day 18 breakfast.

The Park

I went to the park with my girls after dance class. This is one of my favorite parks in Arizona. There’s ducks, and the scenery is beautiful! I love it!


I love going to the park!

Beauty Within

I saw this on Facebook on Thursday. It really touched me. It’s true. We don’t realize how beautiful we really are as women. I love this message.



I didn’t get a picture of lunch. I’ve been slacking on the pictures this week! Lunch was a spinach salad with a sweet potato.


Dinner was supposed to be roasted fennel bulb. I had that last time I did the Ultimate Reset, but I really didn’t like it so I skipped it this time. It has an onion texture with a black licorice taste! Blah!

So I had Sunday’s dinner since I missed it. It was a lot better! It was a mixture of veggies.

Dinner Day 18

Dinner Day 18


Day 18 went really well! I loved spending time outside. Nothing too exciting happened. It was a great day!

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