Ultimate Reset Day 16

Day 16 was a good day. The weather is perfect right now in Arizona. I love it!


Breakfast was a big plate of fresh fruit again. Week #3 is pretty much the same everyday for breakfast and lunch.

day 16 breakfast

Day 16 Breakfast


We took advantage of the nice weather, and we went swimming! It was beautiful! I loved being with my girls. Allie and I had contests swimming across the pool. It was great exercise, and we had fun too!

I also thought about all of the things I’m letting go of during the Ultimate Reset. It really is just as much of an emotional journey as a physical one. I floated on my back in the water and looked up at the sky. I thought about everything I want to let go of, and then everything I want to embrace going forward. I am grateful for that moment.

Swimming with my girls.

Swimming with my girls.


Lunch was a big salad. I was happy I found jicama this week. I love jicama! I’d never tried it before I did the Ultimate Reset. It’s really good especially on salads.

Day 16 lunch

Day 16 lunch


Dinner wasn’t my favorite meal. It was steamed kale with pine nuts and baked cauliflower with curry seasoning. It wasn’t terrible, but it wasn’t my favorite meal.

Dinner Day 16

Dinner Day 16


Day 16 was a good day. I loved going swimming with my girls, and the food was good too.

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