Ultimate Reset Day 15

Day 15 was on Monday. I love Week #3 of the Ultimate Reset! It is my favorite week because I feel amazing. It is hard because you pretty much just eat fruit and veggies, but I love how I feel!


Breakfast was a big plate of fresh fruit. I love eating fresh fruit in the morning. It was really good. I added a banana. It wasn’t on the list, but I needed something to make me fuller.

Breakfast Day 15

Breakfast Day 15


Lunch was a big salad and miso soup. The salads are really filling. I was surprised at how full I was eating a salad. I loved the miso soup. I was nervous about it since it has seaweed in it, but it was actually really good!

Day 15 lunch

Day 15 lunch

After lunch I we got some tragic news. Someone set off bombs at the Boston Marathon. I couldn’t believe it. It really struck home to me since I like to run races. I couldn’t believe anyone would even think to do something like that. I couldn’t stop thinking about it the rest of the day.



Dinner was delish! It was stir fried veggies and a baked sweet potato! Yum! I love sweet potatoes in the oven. I usually put them in the microwave, but they’re much better in the oven.

Dinner Day 15

Dinner Day 15


Day #15 was a bitter sweet day. I enjoyed doing the Ultimate Reset, but I couldn’t believe what happened in Boston. Keeping Boston in my prayers.

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