Ultimate Reset Day 13

Saturday was Day 13. I had to do some extra planning the day before because I was gone most of the day on Saturday. It was Beachbody’s Super Saturday! I went to the one in Avondale, Arizona. It was SO awesome!! I loved it!


Breakfast was leftover chickpeas, spinach with lemon juice and 1/4 avocado. It was delish and easy since I already had the chickpeas made earlier in the week!

Super Saturday!

Super Saturday was AWESOME!! I loved getting together with other Team Beachbody Coaches! It was a fun group. Lots of positive energy and excitement!

I volunteered to share my story. I was really nervous. It was a big group! I felt like it went ok.

Shaun T’s Newest Workout

We got to try Shaun T’s newest workout at Super Saturday! It is SO awesome! It’s only 25 min. a day! What a workout! We were pretty sweaty at the end!

I know, I’m not supposed to workout during the Ultimate Reset… I couldn’t resist! It was too tempting. So I did it, and it was definitely worth it!

After the Workout

This is my friend, Trisha, and I after the workout.


Lunch was beets and a huge salad. I ate it in the car so I didn’t get a picture, but I ate it, and it was really good.


I splurged for dinner and went out to eat. I know I already broke the rule of working out today… I still ate really healthy. Take a look. What do you think?


Day 13 was an awesome day! I LOVED going to Super Saturday! I love being around other Beachbody Coaches. It’s so motivating! I ate really well, and I feel awesome. Day 13 DONE!

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