Ultimate Reset Day 12

Yay! I made it to Day 12 on Friday! More than half way through. I LOVE how I’m sleeping and feeling! I’m feeling great. I’m down four pounds so far. I wasn’t really trying to lose weight, but the weight loss is a bonus!


Breakfast was fresh fruit again. It was delish! I especially loved the mango!

Day 12 Breakfast.

Day 12 Breakfast.


Lunch was a huge salad with some vegetable miso soup. I like this soup a lot better with the veggies in it. It’s still good plain, but the veggies help it. I’m feeling great with all of the veggies I’ve been eating!

Day 12 lunch.

Day 12 lunch.


Dinner was beets, brown rice and kale in coconut milk. The beets were really good. I wasn’t so sure about those, but they were good!

Dinner Day 12.

Dinner Day 12.


Day 12 went well! Nothing too exciting happened, but it went well.

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