Ultimate Reset Day 1

Ultimate Reset

Today was Day #1 of the Ultimate Reset. This is my second round. My goal is to write about my experience everyday. I planned to do this last time I did the program, but I didn’t. So here I go again!

I decided to do the Ultimate Reset again because I loved how I felt after I did it last time. I’ve been struggling to get on track with my eating since the holidays so I thought this would be a good way to get back on track.

So today was Day #1. It was a lot easier than Day #1 of the last time I did it. I feel more confident because I know how to make the food and what to expect.

My Beginning Stats

I woke up ready to take on the day! I took my measurements and weight. Here are my beginning stats. I got down to 127 last time, but I’ve gained a little since then…

Weight- 133
Waist- 30.5
Hips- 34 in.
Thighs- 19.5
Arms- 10.5

Meals for Day 1

I like the meals for Day 1. They’re really good, and not too hard to prepare. I took pictures of my meals to show  you what it’s like.

I love the salad I had for lunch! I’ve had it a few times since the Ultimate Reset last time.

I added a vegan chocolate Shakeology shake with frozen strawberries for a snack. The vegan Shakeology flavors are allowed. I was glad about that! I love Shakeology!

Dinner was so good!


Overall, my day went well. I went for a walk in the morning. It felt good to get outside and be in the sunshine. I felt a little tired and had a slight headache, but it wasn’t bad. It feels good to eat clean and take the natural supplements.

I didn’t have any problems with the supplements this time. Last time I was choking down the alkalinize, but this time it wasn’t too bad.  It still looks gross, but it wasn’t too bad.

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