The Tree Pose

yoga pose Ready for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE?

This week’s challenge is to attempt to do this Yoga pose. It’s called the Tree Pose. I love yoga. It always makes me relaxed and renewed.

Physical Benefits of the Tree Pose 

When standing in the Tree pose, you must balance your entire body weight on one leg. As you balance, the working leg receives an effective strengthening workout along the ankles, calves, quadriceps and thighs. To achieve a balanced workout, repeat the pose using your opposite leg. Once you are able to hold the pose properly, you should also feel an invigorating stretch along your inner thighs and groin. If you are able to reach your hands toward the ceiling, the pose will also provide an effective stretch for your spine, chest and shoulders. The Yoga Journal website also claims that Tree pose can be effective in relieving sciatica and improving flat feet. (Source- Live Strong’s Site)

Mental Benefits of the Tree Pose

Balancing in the Tree pose requires focus, concentration and inspiration. Although the pose is difficult, you are encouraged to maintain a calm and focused demeanor. Along with teaching you physical stability and balance, the Tree pose can also teach you mental stability and balance. As you rest in the pose, imagine yourself extending roots deep into the ground. Channel this unwavering balance and strength any time you are confronted with a mental or physical challenge in life.

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How Long to Hold it

Try to hold it for 15 to 30 seconds.

Let us Know How You Do!

Have you ever tried it? Post a comment to let us know how you did!

Go to Live’s Strong’s site to learn more about the Tree Pose-

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