Personal Trainer Doubles her Income by Taking her Business Online


Help me congratulate our Leader and Fit Coach of the week Janell Youngberg! You are Awesome Janell! Congratulations!

Janell lives with her husband and her 3 wonderful children in Ogden, Utah. She is also a soccer coach, a personal trainer and an online fitness coach. Janell is the CEO and Founder of Janell Fitness.  Helping others live confidently, healthy and happy are the things she loves to do.  Go follow her journey here:


Here is her story:

I am a busy wife, mom of 3 teenagers (17,15, &12), soccer coach and personal trainer! About 5 years ago, I decided I wanted to take my personal training business online and I was failing miserably with it!

It was almost 2 years ago, that I met Shannon Golladay and I was skeptical at 1st, and I knew I had to believe in the products and programs too! It took about 3 months of her consistently reaching out to me and I started to see the “Light” haha! I knew I had to do something because of the following reasons:
* I was tired of the hours of personal training as they interfered with family time because of the early mornings when I wanted and needed to get my kids off to school and evenings when everyone was home.
* I wanted to be able to help more people
* I was tired of developing nutrition and workout programs and it was taking all of my time.
* I was spending more money than I was making trying to make it all work.
* What I was doing was hard on my family and marriage and something had to change.

When I jumped, I jumped all in and haven’t looked back and I love this blessing and opportunity! Since then, I have dropped all of my fitness classes, my income has doubled, It has opened up free time for me to do other things like coach my sons soccer team, and I am loving it!!

I also noticed a huge change in how I felt with Shakeology with how quickly I recovered from workouts, it helped me gain some muscle definition (which I never had), my hair, skin, and nails were so much healthier too!!


Congratulations Janell! You are amazing!

About The Author


Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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