Our Life Diet is Struggling

First of all, welcome to our new blog! We decided to star a new blog to keep everything  more organized.

For those of you who were faithful readers of our first blog you might have read a post I wrote about putting our lives on a diet to help us go to bed early and wake up early.

I was so excited about it! I thought it would be awesome, and it would help us get back on a good schedule.

Well, it worked for a while. Then we went on a road trip to Arizona and Patrick went to Las Vegas for work.

Anyway, long story short, we got off schedule. Actually, we got COMPLETELY off schedule!!

I feel like covering my face like my daughter in this picture because I’m embarrassed to say that we failed at putting our lives on a diet…

We started going back to our old ways of going to bed between 12:30-1:30 a.m., working out after 10 p.m., not getting much sleep, not reading books at all, etc.

So now we’ve been trying to get back on the schedule again! It sounds easy to go to bed before 10:30 p.m., but for us that is so hard for some reason!

I realized that we can’t be too hard on ourselves because we were doing that schedule for about a year and a half. We can’t expect everything to fall into place overnight.

The good news is that we haven’t quit exercising or eating healthy. We’ve actually been doing really good considering. We even exercised while we were out of town. That’s pretty huge for us!

So the moral of the story is:

#1.  If you are trying to change bad habits, don’t be hard on yourself if you can’t change them right away.

#2.  Don’t get discouraged, just try again. There’s always tomorrow.

#3.  Keep looking forward. Don’t beat yourself up over the past.

So we’re going to keep trying. We’ll get there. It might not be right away, but we’ll get there one day at a time.

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Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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