A Mum in England Tracked her Food and got Results!

I’m SOO excited to share this story with you!! This is my good friend, Alex, from England. She has been working on her health and fitness goals since 2012, but she really started seeing the best results over the past four weeks when she focused on nutrition. This is her story in her own words. You can follow her on Facebook here—> Facebook.com/ChellFitness

Alex Chell

Never Give Up

I’ve been journalling my ‘journey’ ever since I started back in 2012. Now I realised that if you look at the date on the pictures, I’m certainly not going to win any prizes for the time it’s taken to get to this point. (My daughter was 4.5 months old when the picture on the left was taken. She will be 3 this December!) but I’m still trying. Although there have been moments I’ve wanted to, I’ve not given up… I’ve been stuck at the same weight for almost 18 months!

It has been so frustrating and I have felt so defeated many times. Since the middle picture was taken I have done Turbo Fire, Hip Hop Abs, T25, P90X3, taken part in a 5K Warrior Adrenalin Race, and completed the 21 Day Fix. Nothing much on the scale or even the tape measure has changed. But transformation isn’t just the numbers on the scale or tape. Because of doing those workouts I am stronger, I am more agile, I have better balance and endurance, I can run without getting a stitch (thank you core work!) and without my lungs feeling like they are on fire, my clothes fit better, I am feeding my family better meals and most importantly I am feeling better about ME!

Nutrition was the KEY to Success

Over the past four weeks I have REALLY focused on my nutrition. I have properly tracked what I have eaten (I use My Fitness Pal on my phone), planned and prepped my food (so I always have something to hand that is GOOD to eat not just yummy and convenient!) And in the past four weeks I have lost 9lbs! Hoorah! Happy dance! That awful, longest-ever plateau has been broken!

I always knew the theory — you can’t out exercise a bad diet — it’s 80% nutrition, 20% exercise — and I haven’t actually eaten BADLY for several months since doing 21 Day Fix, BUT I was not tracking EVERYTHING I ate. A little allowance here, an extra bite there, one biscuit becomes the entire packet (that *may* have happened or I just simply did not really look at (or care) what I was putting in my mouth — it was too much effort to figure it out.

So here I am. Feeling EXTREMELY nervous to put myself out there like this but I’m feeling braver than I have before because I am on my way to reaching my goal! I hope sharing this rather long update (sorry about that!) will encourage someone else who is feeling frustrated or discouraged to keep going, to focus on one things at a time and to never give up on yourself. Almost 20lbs lost. Only 20 more to go…

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