Mom from Louisiana Breaks GolladayFit Record Losing 134 Lbs.!

I’m SOO excited to congratulate Jody from Louisiana for breaking our GolladayFit weight loss record and losing 137 lbs.!! She’s AMAZING!!

I’m so proud of her! It’s so much more than just the weight loss. She’s also gained so much confidence and motivation for life!

I remember talking to her on the phone for the first time at the beginning of the year in 2012. Our conversation was really short. She was nervous to talk to me, but ready to change her life.

Nothing I said on the phone made her want to change. She had already decided that when I called. She wanted to make a change to be the best mother to her kids and the best person she could be. It has been incredible to watch her transform her life! I’m so honored to be able to be part of her journey.

Now she has lost over 130 lbs., and she also won $500 from the Beachbody Challenge Contest from Beachbody for submitting her before and after pictures!!! Congratulations Jody!

This is Jody’s story in her own words:

Jody’s Story

Jody Linnebur The first picture is from April 2011. I believe it was the lowest time in me life..between relationship issues and having kids I had just let myself go!

I wanted to lose weight so tried to on my own with slim In 6 and I lost about 20 lbs then nothing!! I didn’t know HOW to lose! So I gave up!

In November my daughter saw I was upset. She was soo sweet and she told me that she wanted to be fat like me when she got older and asked if that would make me happy…NO was my answer and realizing I was not leading by good example with my kids  I promised her I was going to be healthy mama!!

How I Lost 134 Pounds

Jody Linnebur I got back on Team Beachbody’s site. I was contacted by a coach by the name of Shannon Golladay who changed my life. I was taught how to lose the weight and never turned back. Getting a coach changed my life, which is why I became a coach. I wanted to let people know who thought it was impossible that it IS possible!!

134 pounds later I am keeping that promise to my kids and I am so proud of how they want to be healthy with mama.

With the help of Shakeology and various Beachbody workouts such as insanity, turbofire, les mills workouts, and now 21 day fix and body beast I will do this the rest of my life!

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Follow Jody’s progress on Facebook at She’s so motivating and inspirational! Contact her to join her FREE support group on Facebook for free coaching and motivation!

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