Mom Loses Close to 100 Lbs. & Feels Amazing!

It’s Transformation Tuesday! Today I’d like to highlight Cassi. She is a busy mom who has lost close to 100 lbs. She looks amazing! See her story below in her own words.

Cassi's Story

Why did you decide to start your journey?

I had zero desire to do anything about my expanding waistline, despite the doctors saying my weight could be a contributing factor to some of my health issues.  My initial decision to begin this journey ended up being a financial one.  Through a diabetes prevention study I was given a two year membership with Weight Watchers, along with a $10 gift card for every 6-month checkup with the study, starting in March 2013.  Without being a study participant I wouldn’t have ever pursued this journey on my own.

What motivated you to succeed?

The financial aspect always lurks in the back of my mind as a mini-motivator.  I easily grasped the concept of portion control.  I haven’t wanted any soda; the one time I did have some I couldn’t even finish it.  The weight has fallen off steadily.  I never hit a true plateau.  Everyone, including total strangers, cheer me on.  Those initial naysayers have even started asking how I’ve lost the weight.

Which workouts did you do?

I began the fitness portion of my journey in May 2013 with Tai Cheng, losing 20.8 lbs and 10.5 in.  Since then I’ve completed Slim in 6, Body Gospel, Slim in 6 (again), Rockin’ Body, 21 Day Fix, and Les Mills Combat .  I’ve done various other DVD workouts in between but not complete programs.  I’m currently trying out the New Rules of Lifting for Women.

This past summer I started walking during my lunch hour on Wednesdays when the weather allowed it.  I stopped off at the farmer’s market to pick up some fresh vegetables and then roamed throughout downtown Indianapolis.  The market is now closed until May so I will miss this trip!


Who or what is your inspiration?

I’ve always been a person who sits in the background and observes everything so there are no single points of inspiration.  Individual components of others’ stories inspire me to change or tweak something that I’m already doing to see if it works for me.

What did you learn from your journey?

I learned that eating healthy and exercising aren’t bad things.  I’m slowly learning to eat and incorporate more vegetables into my diet.  For me, being exact with my portions (i.e. weighing out my food) is too stressful; after a few times of measuring I can usually eyeball my servings.

I’ve also learned that my favorite type of workout is kickboxing.  You can just feel your body working.  It’s not about perfection but the enjoyment of the workout. Les Mills Combat became my favorite program!

Why do you want to help others through their journey?

I’ve always known it was my purpose in life to help others but not how I was to help.  When I heard about the Beachbody coaching opportunity I thought this could be the thing I’ve been searching for my whole life!  I’ve enjoyed my journey and want to help those 40+ who are also new to their own journeys or returning after a long hiatus to improve their overall health and wellness.  I believe this is my passion, my purpose for life!

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