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Mom Loses 23 lbs. and Gains her Confidence Back

It’s Success Sunday! Every Sunday I like to highlight a success story from our group. Today I’d like to feature my friend Brianne. I met Brianne in the late spring of 2013. She recently had a baby and she wanted to lose her baby weight. She also said that “someday” she wanted to run a 1/2 marathon.

Well, she not only lost her baby weight (23 lbs.) and ran a FULL 1/2 marathon, she also gained her confidence back along the way! She’s an amazing person! I’m so proud of her and all she’s done! Now she’s a coach on our team paying it forward and helping others. You can follow her on Facebook here- Brianne Fitness. This is her story in her own words.

Struggling to Lose the Baby Weight

My health and fitness journey began 6 months after I had my second baby. I gained a lot of weight during my pregnancy and I was having a hard time losing it. I had no energy, motivation and very little self esteem. I realized I needed some help because I knew I wouldn’t get to where I wanted to be by myself.

I stumbled across a health and fitness page of a Beachbody coach. I learned about the opportunity to participate in a challenge group where I would get a buddy, support from the group and coaching. Sounded just like what I was looking for!

The Beachbody Challenge Kept me Motivated

So I got in contact with the coach purchased a challenge pack and started in her next challenge which was beginning in early June 2013. I loved it! I was so impressed with how the challenge was helping me to change my eating habits and keep me motivated to workout each day!

My coach gave me the right tools to succeed and get the results I was looking for. I drank my chocolate Shakeology everyday and did my Turbo Jam workouts!

I have lost 23 pounds and 21 inches! I weigh less than I did when I first got married! I’ve been able to accomplish a huge goal I set for myself by running my first 1/2 marathon last month! It was an awesome feeling when I crossed that finish line! I know if it wasn’t for Beachbody I wouldn’t have done it.

I’m in Better Shape Than I was When I Played High School and College Soccer

I played soccer in High School and College and I’m in better shape now than I was back then! With the Beachbody workouts I push myself to a whole new level that I never got from going to a gym, or even a personal trainer. The results have been absolutely amazing!

I decided to make the decision to invest in my health and fitness and it has been one of the best and cheapest investments I have ever made! I had to pay it forward, and that’s why I became a Beachbody coach.

Beachbody Changed My Life

Beachbody has changed my life and I feel amazing both on the inside and out. I want people to have the same feelings I’m having! It’s never too late and you have to start somewhere.

Don’t let all the excuses stand in your way. I had plenty like, how the heck was I going to get workouts in with 2 small kids, where was I going to get the motivation and energy, and how was I going to pay for it!

I worked with my coach who helped me figure it out. I got my workouts in when my 6 month old was sleeping and I tried to entertain my toddler as best I could during my workouts. I checked in with my 30 day challenge group daily to get the support and motivation to help keep me going. I drank my Shakeology everyday which gave me more energy, helped me stay fuller longer and reduced my cravings. I feel so much healthier since I started drinking it! I can’t go a day without it! I cut back on eating out and sweets to help me be able to afford my challenge pack. It was completely worth it and I would do it all over again!

Now I’m Here to Help You

Now, as a Beachbody coach, I’m here to help you get the help you need to succeed. It’s not going to be easy and you have to mentally make up your mind that you are going to be committed to the program. Everyday is a fresh start. Don’t quit because of one bad day! But if you aren’t successful with the program it’s because you didn’t make it happen for yourself. I’m here to help. I want you to succeed because I know you can! I hope you are ready to make that change in your life and feel the way you deserve to feel!

Add Brianne as a Facebook friend to work with her! Go here to add her as a friend- Brianne Westberg

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