Mom of 6 Loses 50 Lbs. & Overcomes Health Challenges

Today is Transformation Tuesday! I love highlighting the Success Stories on our team! We’ve seen some incredible results! This story means so much to me because it’s my best friend, Angie. She struggles with Lupus, Arthritis and other health problems. Not to mention she has SIX kids and her husband is deployed. She could have SO many excuses, but she doesn’t. She keeps going to reach her goals. She’s an incredible person! I’m excited to highlight her story today! Congratulations Angie!!

Overcoming Challenges & Seeing Success

This is Angie’s transformation video. Her story is amazing! She used Beachbody programs like Hip Hop Abs, Slim in 6, Les Mills Combat, Shakeology and more to reach her goals!

In her own Words

Angie reached her goal of losing 50 lbs. on March 17, 2014. This is what what she said in her own words that day:

“TODAY is the day! I will ALWAYS remember St. Patrick’s Day 2014 as the day I had to PINCH MYSELF! Why? Because today, I reached my 50 lb Weight Loss Goal! This morning, I finally weighed in at 128 lbs!

I started my Weight Loss Journey on 1/23/2012. I was 50 lbs overweight, tired, in constant pain from Arthritis and Lupus, and starting to lose the ability to move my joints due to damage. I hated who I saw in the mirror.

But that day was the first day of my journey. I started at 178 lbs and started exercising for the first time in my life. By doing great Beachbody workouts and drinking Shakeology, I’ve lost 50 lbs (even with having Baby #6 in the middle of all that!).
I’ve come so far and done things that I would have never dreamed possible. I went from hardly moving and hating life to working out an hour a day and LOVING life! All by making small, almost immeasurable progress every day.

And these jeans I’m wearing? I have been keeping them since before my first baby…11 years ago…hoping to one day fit back into a SIZE 5. Not many Moms of 6 can do that!

I coach others to overcome their OWN obstacles. You can finally reach YOUR health and fitness goals as well!
So celebrate with me! I’m so excited! I’m living a DREAM!”

Angie Peterson

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