May Beachbody Challenge Winner- Lost 27 lbs. and Gained $1,000!

Kimberly’s Results!

It’s Success Sunday! Every Sunday we highlight someone’s success from our team! We’d like to congratulate Kimberly Barton for winning the May Beachbody Challenge!! She won $1,000 for losing 27 pounds using P90X! She’s also one of the finalists for the quarterly challenge! She could win $5,000! We’re excited to help her win! We’ll tell you more about how to vote for her soon!


Kimberly is married and has three children. In December 2011, she was tired of what she saw in the mirror. She wanted to do something to change.

She said her heart gave up after she had her third child. She didn’t have the motivation to get back into shape like she did with her other two children. She sat around eating anything she wanted, which was mostly pasta and chocolate. her pants sizes started increasing. Instead of being motivated by that, she just borrowed bigger clothes from her family members. Her passion for healthy and fitness was completely gone.

She tried quick fixes in 2010, but rebounded back every time…


When Kimberly saw pictures of herself at Christmas 2011, she was embarrassed and sad that she gave up on herself. She made a New Year’s Resolution to get back into her pre pregnancy weight by using P90X. She already had P90X, but it was covered in dust sitting on her TV. She’d tried it before, but never made it past week #2. She was determined to finish this time!

After week 3, she decided to find a figure competition to enter to motivate her to reach her goal. She wanted to prove that a person could get into contest prep shape by mostly using Beachbody products. She looked for people who had done this before, and didn’t find many and wanted to prove it could be done.


Kimberly did an amazing job!! She lost 27 pounds from using P90X, and won $1,000 for winning the Beachbody Challenge in May!

She is so happy that she made her health a priority. She is healthier and happier. She feels like a better wife and mother. She wants to share her story to be an inspiration to others. She plans to go back to school for sports nutrition and wants to be a Beachbody Coach to help others.

Congratulations Kimberly!!

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