Lost 56 Pounds and Earned His Insanity Shirt!

Congratulations Billy! You look awesome!

Every week we highlight a success story from someone we’ve been coaching or our coaches have been coaching.

This week we’d like to highlight Billy. He lost 56 pounds using Insanity and a self defense program called HaganaH! He has come so far! We are proud of him! Congratulations Billy! This is his story from his own words.

Facing Obstacles

My name is Billy. I was always athletic as a child, I would always win races against my friends. Tag was the greatest game in the world!

When I was around 12 years old, my mother had a heart attack, and my step Dad didn’t know how to cook. So he just brought breakfast lunch and dinner, at fast food places. Obviously I gained weight.

Now I’m short, but I have broad shoulders. My healthy weight should be 155-165 for my age and gender. At 16 years old (my heaviest) I weighed 236, which is 70 lbs over weight! Disgusting, but that is life. Since my mother had a heart attack and then a stroke, I was depressed, and I ate.

Turning to Exercise

A year ago my sister purchased Insanity. It was about the same time I started HaganaH, which is a self defense system pared with combat fitness, which is a type of boot camp. I tried Insanity and I didn’t make it past the warm up. So I quit.

It wasn’t until I dropped the initial 30 lbs with the boot camp before I would even attempt Insanity. I watched watch the infomercial on one channel, then flipped to another one after to watch it again. I did this to sike me up.

I ordered Inanity in June, and began. It was tough, but I picked up some determination and stamina with HaganaH, and I really wanted that Insanity shirt! I saw results within a few weeks. I felt healthier and more alert during the day, not sluggish. The compliments were awesome.

I Stuck With It

There were times I wanted to quit. Month 2 in Insanity is no joke. I hurt my wrist and ankle in HaganaH. They never healed properly because I workout every day, but I soldered up and stuck with it. My girlfriend at the time was supportive, plus she gave me an ultimatum, lol.

Anyway day 60 rolls by, and I remember doing the final stretching. I was so proud! These are my results:

Day 1 Then Day 2 Respectively:
Powerknees…70. .95
PushupJacks…..13… 35
Low Plank Oblique…60…75

Stamina has Improved and Blood Work  is Superb!

I can’t give all the credit to Insanity, but it definitely changed my life. My health Is better, cholesterol blood work vision even! I feel better and look better. I still have some work left, but you can always improve. I started Insanity at 212 and ended it at 180. That’s 32 lbs in 60 days!

My new goal is to get down to 165, and complete the Insanity the Asylum!!!

** Story used with Billy’s permission.

We’d like to personally congratulate Billy on doing so awesome! Great job Billy!!

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