Les Mills PUMP Review

Les Mills PUMP Review

Post by Shannon

I started my second week of Les Mills PUMP this week. I liked the first week, but the second week is a lot better! The first week teaches you the correct technique and introduces you to the trainers. The workouts were good, but kind of easy. They also didn’t do a warm up or a cool down in the first week. I need that.

The second week has been great so far. I did Pump and Burn yesterday and I ran / walked 6.2 miles today.

Pump and Burn was AWESOME!! I loved it! From beginning to end, it was an awesome workout. The trainers are a little cheesy, but they are in amazing shape, and they know what they are doing. They also added a cool down! It was a great cool down too.

My favorite part of the workout was when they blasted a song by Celine Dion! I love Celine Dion. She is my favorite singer so it was perfect for me! It brought me back to my running days in high school when I used to listen to Celine on my walkman everyday. I would come home from school and blast the tunes to let out the stress of the day with a good run. It kind of gave me a blast from the past.

Training for a Half Marathon

For those of you who know me, you know I’ve been training for the Spanish Fork, Utah Half Marathon that is in September. I’m really excited about it! I ran the Rockin’ Roll Half Marathon last March 2012 in Washington D.C. with my little sis, and wanted to do another 1/2 6 months later to see if I could improve.

Les Mills PUMP is a great workout to train for a 1/2 marathon or any race for that matter. They give you days to walk on the schedule. I used those days to run. It’s great. I’ve been running a lot the past few weeks. It feels so great to be back in shape again!

Who is Les Mills PUMP For?

Les Mills PUMP is for guys and girls. It is a fun workout to do with your spouse or significant other. They have both male and female trainers. You can adjust the weights depending on your goals. You can get long and lean muscles or bulk up if you want to. It’s awesome! I’m going for the long and lean muscles personally.

Another awesome thing about this workout is that it comes with the weights! They are great quality weights too! I love the bar. You can grip it easily, and the weights don’t slide around. Awesome.

Ready to buy Les Mills PUMP?

You can buy Les Mills PUMP from any Beachbody Coach, like us! You can purchase the workout by itself or save money and buy a package with Shakeology. When you buy Les Mills PUMP through us, you will have us as your coaches to motivate you and encourage you through the program! We have support groups running on Facebook to help you every step of the way!

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