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It’s Friday! We made it! Every Friday we post a WEEKEND CHALLENGE to challenge you through the weekend! We started these challenges because we have the hardest time doing well during the weekends!

We did great during the week and then slipped up during the weekends! Not anymore! Now we do great both times!


This week’s challenge is to keep track of your the food and water you eat for the whole weekend! You can keep track of it in a notebook or by using a free website or app. ( is a good one).

Keep track of EVERYTHING you eat or drink! Most people don’t realize the little bites they have here and there! Keep track of every last one!

Also, make sure to eat enough calories to fuel your body, and eat every 2-3 hours. Eating this way will help you have more energy and feel better! If you aren’t sure how many calories to eat, go to to find out how many you need. Then divide that number by five and eat that many meals evenly throughout the day.


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