It’s a Journey

This is me about 8 months pregnant (Summer 2011)

Post by Shannon

Today I went running. As I ran I thought about my weight loss journey the past 10 months. It really has been just that. A journey.

There has been good times and bad. I even had a back injury that held me back. I couldn’t workout for about two weeks at all. I’ve also been busy with my kids, traveling, my job, etc. There have been times I haven’t felt like eating healthy! I’ve gone out to eat. I’ve binged on junk food, but whenever I’ve gotten down, I’ve gotten back up again and tried even harder! Because this is a lifestyle change, NOT a diet!


I had our baby via c-section at the beginning of August ย 2011. C-sections are NOT my first choice for having a baby, but if that’s the only way we can have babies, we’ll take it. ๐Ÿ™‚

If you’ve had a c-section, you know how tough the recovery is.

About two weeks after I had our daughter, I went to the mall to get a her a hair bow for her newborn pictures. I struggled to walk from the car to the mall. I had to take two breaks in between. It was a long, hard recovery.

The day I had our baby I weighed 196. I’m usually 135-140. So this was a big jump for me! It took me over a year to lose the weight after my first baby. I got up to 199 that time!

This is me on June 9, 2012 at our daughter’s princess party.

This time I was determined to lose the weight faster. I made a goal to run a half marathon 7 months after our daughter was born. It was TOUGH training and running a 1/2 marathon that soon after having a baby! I ran about a 10 minute pace, and I was struggling through a back injury, but I ran the WHOLE Rockin’ Roll Washington D.C. Half Marthon in March 2012. It was awesome!

When I came home I took a break from running, and continued doing Beachbody’s Turbo Fire workouts. I started doing them more often than I was before. I felt more dedicated because I had a good support team. ๐Ÿ™‚


So yesterday, June 11, I started running again and training for my next half marathon. I felt AWESOME! I could run without feeling tired, and my knees didn’t hurt since I’ve lost the weight (I’ve lost over 60 pounds since the day I had our baby last August 2011).

Today I went running again, and I felt so great! This time I’m running the half marathon to get a good time! I don’t just want to run the whole time and finish, I want to do well.


This journey has taught me a lot. It’s more than the numbers on the scale. It’s about feeling healthy and fit. When I feel healthy and fit, I feel happy! I feel like I can take on life’s challenges better, and I am a better wife and mother.

This journey is not going to end for me because this is a life style change. It’s NOT a diet. ๐Ÿ™‚


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