It Doesn’t have to be this Way

I don’t know about you, but when I became a mom, I thought life was just going to be that way because I was a mom. I was overweight from having a baby, out of energy and feeling blah. I wanted to feel like my old self again, but I didn’t think it was possible. I thought that was just how it was going to be since I was a mom.

Then I started putting everyone else first because I thought I should since I was a mom… Right?


The truth is that it doesn’t have to be that way. When I learned how to take care of myself first, I was a much better wife and mom because I could take care of everyone else even better.

The Moment I Realized I Could Change

A little background before I share the moment I decided to change…

I was very active growing up. I was a competitive gymnast training five hours a day, five days a week at one point. I was also a runner. I ran several 1/2 marathons and one full marathon. I never had trouble with my weight.

Then I got married and gained 15 lbs. Then I got pregnant and gained 45 lbs. I went from the 130’s up to 199 the day our daughter was born. I’m only 5’4″ so that was a LOT of weight for me! I felt tired, blah, depressed and NOT like myself. I wanted to change, but didn’t know what to do.

I remember holding my baby looking outside the window on a warm, summer day and thinking, “Is this how it’s going to be now that I’m a mom?”

It was sunny outside, but inside I felt depressed and alone.

At that moment, part of the old me came back! I thought, “No way! It doesn’t have to be this way! You can get in shape again, feel confident and be YOU again!”

So I Started to Change

I wanted to be the mom who played with her kids on the floor with their toys, and not just watched them play with them while lying on the couch!

I wanted to be the mom who ran around the playground with her kids and really played with them instead of just watching them.

I wanted to be the best wife, and mom… I couldn’t be that person unless I made some changes.

I Made a Plan

I tried to do it on my own, even though I had no idea what I was doing! I went on a walk everyday with our baby in the stroller for an hour while jump roping in between. I was working so hard, but not seeing results…

I thought it was a waste of money to pay for anything that had to do with health and fitness. I had running shoes and a road. That’s all I needed, right?

I thought I knew how to eat healthy… Eat salads and no carbs…. Right?

Well, I was wrong! I was so wrong, and the results were showing.

How I got Results

I didn’t know how to lose weight since I never had to before. I wanted to find a way to get in shape that wasn’t a quick fix. I wanted a lifestyle change that I could do forever.

I found a way using at home workouts, a simple nutrition plan and a support system. I was able to lose the weight plus more after our first baby was born.

When I gained a l weight again after our second baby, I knew exactly what to do this time, and lost the weight twice as fast. Not only that I got my abs back! That was AWESOME since I had two c-sections.


I felt awesome! It didn’t happen overnight, but my results were awesome. I not only lost the weight, had more energy and felt better, but I also gained my confidence back! That was the best part because I became the best me again!

So I Started Helping Others

While I was going through my journey, other moms started asking me what I was doing and how I got back in shape. I loved sharing my tips and helping them! It was so rewarding.

When I found out I could get paid to help other moms get in shape, it sounded too good to be true! At the time, I was working three part-time jobs, and I had a 4 month old and a 2-year-old. I wanted to be able to stay home with our girls more than anything, but it didn’t seem possible. I had to do something for work to help support our family.

So I started coaching women, other moms just like me to lose weight, get fit, gain confidence and create a lifestyle change. I started coaching in Dec. 2011, and I’ve been doing that ever since! Now I do this for my full-time job, and I love it. Click here if you want to learn more about what I do as a coach—> My Story & Mentorship Program

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Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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