Insanity Plus Shakeology Equals Results

It’s Transformation Tuesday! Today I’m sharing my personal story. Well, part of my story. This was my 1/2 way point of my weight loss journey. I lost 25 more lbs. after these pictures were taken. This is just a snap shot.

Insanity Results

I started my health and fitness journey after our second baby was born using Insanity workouts in October, about 2 months after she was born. I was close to 180 lbs. two months after she was born. I’m only 5’4″ so that was pretty high for me!

I was sick and tired of feeling overweight, blah and tired ALL the time. So, I did something that works! I did 3 months of Insanity. This is the original Insanity that is 40-60 min. long. It was TOUGH! I could barely make it through. I couldn’t do the pushups at ALL, but I did Insanity everyday. I even did month one twice because it was so hard, but I didn’t give up. I kept going and following the schedule.

I didn’t want to try Shakeology because I thought it was expensive and wouldn’t really work anyways…

When I became a coach, I decided to try Shakelogy since I’d be telling people about it, and I saved 25% as a coach. I thought I’d at least give it 30 days.

I started using Shakeology in December, and Shakeology sped up my progress! When most people GAIN weight in December, I lost 7 lbs. that month. We were traveling and visiting family in another state so it was awesome to lose weight that month!

I loved the energy I had, my nails and hair were stronger and I felt better overall. Those 70 whole food ingredients in Shakeology must have helped because I felt awesome!


Now Insanity Max 30 is HERE!! I just started this week, and I LOVE it! Now you can get these awesome results from Insanity in only 30 min. instead of 40-60 min. It’s pretty awesome!

Insanity Max 30 and Shakeology are on sale through me in December! I’m starting a NEW YOU Challenge on Jan. 5 using Insanity Max 30 and Shakeology. I have 3 more spots left. Click here to order—>


– want to get in shape
– are sick of feeling tired and blah
– want to KEEP your New Year’s Resolutions this you
– need motivation
– aren’t getting the results you want on your own
– and MORE!


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