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Cathy is incredible!! I love her transformation story. I had to share. You can follow her on Facebook here- Facebook.com/CathysAthletes

Cathy’s Story

My name is Cathy. I’m a Runner. And this is my story.

In June 2011 I realized I was overweight and if I kept progressing like I was I would be close to 200 pounds by the end of the year and that was unacceptable to me. I decided I needed to change. I started working out some which stopped my weight gain, but I wasn’t loosing what I wanted to lose.

In Feb 2012, I joined Team Beachbody (TBB). I had so much success by July 2012; I decided I would reward myself by running my second ever Half Marathon. I picked a race for September 2012 in Spanish Fork, Utah and started training. I managed to run/jog the entire race with the help of my Team Beachbody Coach, Shannon Golladay, and another Team Beachbody member, Melissa.

Running Towards Success

cathymelissa I kept running after that because it was such a great feeling. After seeing my success, a neighbor asked me to help her train for a Half Marathon in October 2012. You get a lot of time to think while running and I started thinking about New Year’s Resolutions and where I wanted to be the following year. During an eight mile training run with my neighbor, (I think the lack of oxygen was effecting my ability to think straight) I told her I wanted to run another Half in January as a New Year’s celebration and I jokingly said I could run a half marathon every month next year. She replied, “You could!” and was genuine serious about her reply. It got me thinking about the challenge and the power of positive thinking. I could! Why Not? I was running an 8 mile training run for the fun of it and had energy to run more when I was done.

cathyrace I signed up for the St. George, Utah Half Marathon in January 2013 and ran it with my Team Beachbody coach again. It wasn’t my best time because the Holiday’s were not kind to the running training plan, but we had fun, and we finished.

lyn In the meantime, my neighbor signed up for the El Paso, TX Half Marathon in Feb. 2013 and said I had to run it with her because she didn’t run the Oct. race and this would be her first ever Half Marathon. So, about that New Year’s Resolution? Let’s do this! But let’s be realistic, life will happen. I modified my resolution to run in ten out of the twelve months a Half Marathon and if I can do it, I might even make one of those Halfs a Full Marathon.

I Could do it for Real!

So March of 2013 brought the Bloodgusher Half in Midland TX to support the local blood bank. I ran it by myself. A couple of things happened there. I realized I could do this for real! I just ran the Half Marathon by myself for the second time ever. I was a runner! I got referred to as a Marathon runner by other runners! And I set a Half Marathon Personal Record (PR) or Personal Best (PB) Time! I also made some other realizations while running, because as I said, you have a lot of time to think when you are running 13.1 miles. Some of the runners had shirts that said, “Because we are only Half Crazy”. Not only was I Half Crazy, but I was Half Crazy in the year of the Half because I was running 13.1 miles in 2013. That makes the year 2013.

finishline April 2013 was the Albuquerque Half Marathon in NM. My previous neighbor and friend Lynn ran with me again, or I should say ran it also. I told Lynn to run her race and she left me at about mile 2 or 3. I never saw her again until the finish line. She fell during the race and still beat me by 10 minutes. We both had a great time. In signing up for the race though, Lynn mistakenly signed up for the Albuquerque Run for the Zoo on May 5, 2013 which was only 2 weeks apart for the ABQ Half. It wouldn’t be as easy, but I would have May out of the way, so I signed up.

May 2013 came and Lynn became sick a couple of nights before the race and wasn’t able to run it. So I ran it by myself because I knew I could. The temperatures had dropped and it was also windy on the morning of the race. I didn’t get more than three hours sleep the night before the race because I had to work the day before and drive to Albuquerque. While driving that evening, I stopped on the Interstate to help with a serious traffic accident which made the six hour drive even longer. I went to the starting line just expecting to finish and mark it off the list. I ended up having my second best time ever despite the odds.

I am Cathy and I am a Runner. And you CAN do anything you set your mind to do.


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