How to Eat Vegan

Find out How to Eat Vegan

If you are thinking about eating vegan, the Ultimate Reset is a good place to start. My husband, Patrick, and I have never eaten vegan before we tried the Ultimate Reset. Before the Ultimate Reset, I didn’t even know where to start!

The Ultimate Reset gradually teaches you how to eat vegan. It is a 21 Day Detox. You eat three meals a day and take supplements throughout the day to help your body reset.

The first week of the Ultimate Reset you gradually take meat and dairy out of your diet. You don’t eat vegan yet. Learn more about our first week from this post ~ The Ultimate Reset – Week #1.

The Ultimate Reset Week #2 ~ How to Eat Vegan

During Week #2 of the Ultimate Reset, you start eating vegan and taking the Detox supplement. The Detox supplement was definitely the hardest one for me to take, but it was worth it! It has a sand texture to it, and it’s kind of sweet. As the days went by, it got easier, and it was worth it! I lost four pounds in the second week. I was able to break my plateau and go below 130 pounds!! I am 5’4″ and I’ve been trying to get below 130 for a while. I did it!

The Ultimate Reset isn’t just about eating healthy or learning how to eat vegan, it is also about letting go of emotions and feelings you have that hold  you back. It has been a stressful few months for us since we moved to another state, started MBA school, etc. We’ve had a lot of changes so I really wanted to work through my emotions during the Ultimate Reset and let them go.

During Week #2, I had a lot of interesting dreams. I heard you could have strange dreams during the Ultimate Reset. I did for sure! People from my past were in my dreams. Some told me things were going to be ok and others talked to me and helped me work through my feelings. It was interesting. Maybe it’s because you sleep more soundly during the Ultimate Reset. I did feel better when I woke up each day. I felt like a load was taken off each morning when I woke up. It was pretty awesome.

Here is a breakdown of each day and the foods we ate.

Day #8 of the Ultimate Reset ~ We cut out the meat and dairy this week. This is the week I really started learning how to eat vegan. I thought it would be harder to do this, but it wasn’t too hard. I liked most of the food. Some of the food I loved. I really liked the food in Day #8. I also went on a walk with our girls almost everyday this week. We live in Arizona so the weather is still nice. It was great to get some fresh air and get some exercise outside. I loved it.

How to eat vegan during the Ultimate Reset.

We ate soup for breakfast on Day #9. This was SO weird to me. I had a hard time doing this, but I wanted to eat everything they suggested. So I did it. It is Miso soup. I’ve never had Miso soup before I did the Ultimate Reset. It looks kind of gross since it is foggy and has seaweed in it, but it’s actually pretty good! I was surprised! I really liked sweet potato and roasted red pepper bisque. That was one of my favorite dinners.

How to eat vegan with the Ultimate Reset

On Day #10 we got to eat the Sweet Potato and Roasted Red Pepper Bisque again! I was excited about that. The Greek salad was delicious too. It was nice to try a different salad.

How to eat vegan with the Ultimate Reset

Day #11 started with fruit again. I liked the fresh fruit in the morning a lot better than the Miso soup for breakfast! I didn’t have swiss chard so I ate beets. At first I didn’t really like the beets, but they grew on me. I really liked the homemade salad dressings we got to eat everyday too. They had a really good flavor.

How to eat vegan

On Day #12, my husband, Patrick, was pretty much sick of eating this healthy! So we had beans and rice instead of the dinner on the schedule. I really wanted him to stick with it so it was a good alternative. He ate it and kept going with the Reset! 🙂

how to eat vegan with the ultimate reset

On Day #13 we got to eat oatmeal for breakfast. I really liked the oatmeal. It was nice to have a change from the fruit. I also liked the squash for dinner. Day #13 was a good day! By this day I understood how to eat vegan. It wasn’t really hard like I thought! It was actually easier to make some meals because you don’t need to cook any meat.

how to eat vegan with the ultimate reset

On Day #14 you are supposed to make Kabocha squash soup, but I ate it baked since we had leftovers. I really liked this recipe. It was really good. I also started liking kale during the Ultimate Reset. I’d never tried kale before. I learned how to make it, and I really liked it! I think I’ll eat it more often now.

How to eat vegan with the Ultimate Reset

Overall, Week #2 went pretty well. Patrick struggled a few times during the week and wanted to quit, but he hung in there! He was a good sport through it all. He had a hard time not eating meat. I didn’t mind. Now that I know how to eat vegan, I think I could do it all the time if I were single. I didn’t feel hungry. The meals were filling, and I felt like I got enough nutrients from each meal.

If you would like to learn how to eat vegan, the Ultimate Reset from Beachbody is a great place to start. Even if you don’t want to eat vegan permanently, but you want to eat clean and detox your body. This is a great way to do it.

I’ve never learned how to eat vegan before, but I have dones “cleanses” in the past. During one cleanse I lost 12 pounds in 10 days. You pretty much drank liquid each day and at one small meal. It was awful. I was moody and not fun to be around!

The Ultimate Reset is completely different! I had energy, wasn’t moody, felt calm and less stressed than normal and I felt full from the meals. It’s a great program.

If you are ready to do the Ultimate Reset, you can buy it from our website at ~

Wel’ll help you through the program every step of the way when you buy it through us.

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