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Angela “Before turning to GolladayFit, I had tried for years to exercise off and on by myself and always ate well. The coaching that the Golladays provided me was invaluable in my success in losing weight and becoming healthy. They helped me chose a workout program that worked for me and coached me to know not only what to eat, but when and how much as well. Because of them, I now have a new life!” ~ Angela P. Angela , For Living Strong
Brenda “Shannon Golladay, of the GolladayFit Team, has been like an angel coming into my life! When your coach practices what she preaches with everything from eating to exercising, that goes a LONG way, and that’s Shannon. Her own personal journey is so inspiring and encouraging that it keeps you going strong! She has been there for me to celebrate the highs, and to lift me up from the lows, and that’s exactly the type of coach I needed!! Thank you Shannon!!!” ~ Brenda Brenda
Lucy "I met Shannon Golladay over a year and a half ago. Right off the bat I loved her personality. She is always so motivating and willing to help with whatever is needed. In the beginning she helped me with my journey while I was using P90X. I lost 20 lbs. Then life happened and we lost contact. I recently found her again, and it's as if nothing has changed. She is such an inspiration to me. I know with her behind me helping me, I can do whatever I put my mind to. Thank you Shannon and the GolladayFit Team for helping me so much!" Lucy, Lucy's Family Fitness

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