Hip Hop Abs Sale!

Hip Hop Abs Sale!

Hip Hop Abs is on SALE! This is a great deal! It’s normally $59.85, but it’s on sale for only $19.95!

This is the lowest price point we have ever offered and there’s no telling how long it will last!

What is Hip Hop Abs?

A classic! For the past several years, Shaun T’s dance programs (Hip Hop Abs, Rockin’ Body) have been top-sellers—helping people get fit and lose weight across the world. Shaun’s dance moves are easy to learn and the workouts are FUN, especially for a more entry-level person who cannot just jump right into an extreme workout. Our Hip Hop Abs Challenge Packs provide a great addition to any catalog and are perfect for both newbies and dance-a-holics.

When will the Hip Hop Abs® offer be available?
The sale started on Friday, Feb. 22. It will run as long as supplies last!

What is the limited time offer price of the base kit?

  • $19.95

What is the limited time offer price of the Challenge Pack? What are the Commissions per sale?

  • Hip Hop Abs Challenge Pack: $140.00

Where can I find it?
You can find the offers on my website at BeachbodyCoach.com/GolladayFit


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