My Healthy Meal Plan for March 17-24

Shakeology sample One of the most common questions I get from people is, “What do you eat?” So I decided to post my meal plans on my blog for you! This will also keep me motivated to make them every week!

Our Weekly Meal Plan

B:  Chocolate Shakeology w/ milk and Peppermint
S:  Rice cakes w/ bananas and almond butter
L:  Turkey wrap (whole wheat tortilla, turkey, a little mozzarella cheese, spinach and 1/4 avocado). Microwave for 30 seconds.
S:  Hummus & veggies
D:  Crock pot picante chicken soup from

B:  Steel cut oats- in the crock pot from All Recipes-
S:  Chocolate Shakeology w/ milk, a banana and ice
L:  Ultimate Reset Salad-
S:  Hard boiled eggs
D:  Chicken w/ asparagus Coach Ro’s Recipe


chicken from Coach Ro

B:  Tropical ShakeO w/ rice milk, frozen strawberries and frozen pineapple
S:  Oatmeal w/ apples and cinnamon
L:  Turkey burgers p. 74
S:  Sweet potato w/ honey and nutmeg
D: Chicken pasta from

B:  Greenberry ShakeO w/ rice milk and frozen strawberries
S:  whole wheat muffin w/ honey
L:  Ultimate Reset Salad
S:  cashews & apple
D:  Shepherd’s pie from
B:  Chocolate Shakeololgy w/ peppermint and ice
S:  Green peppers & ham scramble
L:  Turkey Wrap
S:  Hummus and veggies
D:  Pot Pie Soup from

B:  Chocolate Shakeology w/ milk and frozen strawberries
S:  French toast from Beachbody’s meal planner
L:  Leftovers
S:  Greek yogurt
D:  Lemon Salmon

B:  Greenberry Shakeology w/ rice milk and frozen strawberries
S:  Omelet
L:  Chicken Salad
S:  Triscuits and cottage cheese
D:  Leftovers

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