My Hard Corps Results

My Hard Corps Results are IN! I loved this program! It’s a fun, short, intense workout that gives you awesome results! It’s a new 8 week workout and nutrition plan created by Beachbody.

I added some running since I’m training for a 1/2 marathon, and I didn’t follow the meal plan exactly (I had some pizza and sweets along the way), but I still got awesome results by following the plan about 85% of the time. I am not good at being perfect and following a plan exactly so I was proud of my results!

I started the program about 6 months after our baby was born. I feel stronger and more confident. You can also see my muscles coming back, and my baby belly weight is going away!


Hard Corps Results

Here are my stats:

March 28 Beginning Stats

Weight- 150.5
Body Fat- 28.8%
BMI- 25.8%
Waist- 33″
Hips- 35.5″
Arms- 11.5″
Legs- 21″
Chest- 34.5″

May 24 Ending Stats

Weight- 142.5
Body Fat- 25.4%
BMI- 24.4
Waist- 32.5″
Hips- 34″
Arms- 11 1/4″
Legs- 20″
Chest- 33 1/2″

About the Workouts

The Hard Corps workouts are short, but intense. They are a good mix of cardio and weights. The main workout is 22 min., but there is also a 10 min. warm up. You can also add the 10 min. core workouts on the cardio days. They are an intermediate to advanced level. You can modify them, but they are pretty intense.

These workouts were great to help me with my running. My running speed improved, and I could run longer.

About the Meal Plan

I loved the meal plan! It teaches you what to eat, when to eat, how often, how much and it comes with little portion control containers. It was simple and easy to follow, and I could use it with a family of young kids.

I also used Shakeology with this program. I’ve used Shakeology since December 2011 pretty much everyday. At first I thought it was too expensive and didn’t see the value in it. It took me TWO years of doing the workouts before I even tried it! Now I’m a huge fan. It helps me with my overall nutrition, weight loss, energy, and I don’t crave sugar as much, which is a HUGE bonus for me! Make sure to ask me about discounts and how you can even get it paid for (that’s what I do).


Overall, I was impressed with this program. I lost weight (which was my main goal!) and I gained muscle (I also wanted to do this!). It was easy to fit in with a busy schedule, and it was fun!

It’s on Sale on my Website!

It’s only $10 in May on my website when you order Shakeology with it (I highly recommend this for best results).

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