New Greenberry Shakeology Flavor!

Greenberry Shakeology

Greenberry Shakeology

Ready for the new Greenberry Shakeology Flavor?

Beachbody announced their new greenberry Shakeology flavor on Monday, May 6! This is HUGE news! I’m excited to try it! I didn’t love the old greenberry flavor so I’m excited to try this one! Comment below if you’d like to try a FREE sample! Samples will be coming soon!

A Message from Beachbody

We decided it was time to give the original Greenberry formula a makeover – to bring it up to speed with the newest Shakeology improvements. And we’ve taken this opportunity to improve the taste as well! Our R&D team has delivered some AMAZING improvements and you are going to be AMPED on what we have accomplished.

In February, we initiated a Greenberry Sensory Panel and put the new, improved formula to the test. This panel consisted of both Coaches and Customers and they overwhelmingly favored this new, tastier Greenberry formula.

Now for the best part: It’ll be 100% available to you and your customers starting Monday, May 6th! And for everyone already on Greenberry Shakeology HD, you don’t need to do anything. You’ll receive the new formula in your next shipment.

Read carefully below for all the details—including facts about the new formula, how to ensure you receive it, new sales advice, tips, and tools, and more!

Q: Why did the Greenberry Formula change?
A: We decided to upgrade the formula and bring it up to speed with other Shakeology products. The original Greenberry launched 4 years ago and there have been many superfood discoveries as well as improvements made in sourcing of key ingredients. We wanted you to have the very latest and updated product. Based on customer and Coach feedback over the years, we also decided to give it a taste “makeover” as well.

Q: How can I order the new Greenberry?
A: If you are on Home Direct, you will automatically get it in your next shipment or two. If you order one bag at a time, all new and one-time purchases of Greenberry will automatically ship the new Greenberry formula beginning Monday, May 6th. Just choose “Greenberry” on the dropdown menu per usual. If you are on Home Direct and previously (before April 1st) locked in the original price of $119.95, never fear… you’ll still get Greenberry at the “locked in” price.

Q: If I have Chocolate on HD locked in at the grandfathered price, can I switch to the new Greenberry for my next shipment to try it?
A: Yes, you can switch between Chocolate and Greenberry (or between Greenberry bags and packets) without losing your locked-in price.

Q: How will I know I’ve received the new Greenberry Shakeology formula?
A: Look on the front of the bag or carton. If there is delicious fruit and greens surrounding the Shakeology glass, then you’re holding the new and improved formula in your hands. If not, then you still have the old formula and the new formula will come in your next shipment or two.

Q: How can I ensure that I receive this new formula in my next Greenberry Shakeology Home Direct (HD) shipment?
A: No need to do anything! You and your customers will automatically receive the new formula in your next HD shipment.

Ready to try the NEW Greenberry Shakeology?

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