The Girl Who Hated Gym Class Lost 66.4 Pounds

It’s Success Sunday! Every Sunday we feature a success story from our team! This week I’d like to feature, Cassi! She’s lost 66.4 pounds eating healthier, following Weight Watcher’s plan and using Beachbody’s Slim in 6 workout. She looks amazing! We’re so proud of how far she’s come. You can follow her journey on Facebook at

How Cassi Changed her Life
written by Cassi

I was the girl that hated gym class.  Everyone else questioned how we’d use the other subjects in our futures.  I questioned the point of gym class, turning my nose up at any exercise.  I refused to eat most fruits and veggies, telling my dad he was trying to poison me.  Over the last several years when the news reported illnesses or deaths from bad fruit or veggies I’d say that proved my point all those years ago.

What got you started on the fitness lifestyle?

I was given the opportunity to join Weight Watchers in March.  Everything just clicked right away.  I immediately took hold of the idea of portion control.  I stopped drinking sodas cold turkey.  The weight started dropping off immediately.  I had lost 12.8 lbs by the beginning of May.

During this time I was thinking that I should get started on some kind of exercise to help boost my journey.  Originally I thought I’d just walk everyday.  I’ve still yet to take a walk  (besides Leslie Sansone’s Walk at Home DVDs).

I had posted on Facebook something about wanting to workout in some way but not knowing what I could physically do.  I was introduced to Beachbody workouts like Slim in 6 and immediately fell in love!

What are your favorite ways to stay fit?

I get up everyday (M-F) at 6 AM anyway.  So instead of surfing the net until it was time to go to work I now workout.  I also workout Saturday or Sunday, depending on the schedule I’m on.  I do whichever DVD series I’m currently on for 30 mins to an hour.  I prefer the shorter workouts as the longer ones cut into my shower time.

I’ve also enjoyed working in my garden this past summer.  All steps from creating to cleaning out have been a separate workout in themselves.

How does food play a role in your fitness endeavours?

As portion control was the first step on my journey, food plays a critical role.  If I still ate the same amount as I did before I wouldn’t be losing weight.  I still eat the same things, just smaller amounts, and make sure that I have at least one fruit or veggie a day.  I’ve only had peanut butter once (I think) since starting this journey because I don’t think it’s worth the points.  I rarely have any candy or dessert anymore.  I’m only drinking water, milk, or tea.  I’m eating pizza weekly and tons of pasta yet I’m still losing.  To me that’s proof that portion control is more important than what you eat.

What was the biggest struggle when you started on your fitness journey?

My biggest struggle continues to be confidence in myself.  I know this journey I’m on is helping me since my clothes continue to get too big on me.  Everyone is complimenting me on how good I look.  However, when I look in the mirror I can’t see the changes.

I’d say my greatest accomplishment is that I’ve taken to liking to working out.  Before May, if it was something that required physical activity I pretty much didn’t do it.  Now I feel weird when I skip a day, sometimes even the scheduled rest days.

Why did you decide to become a coach?

I’ve always known that it was my purpose to help others but never knew in what way.  When I heard about the Beachbody coaching opportunity I thought this could be the thing I’ve been searching for all my life!  I’ve enjoyed my journey and want to help others be successful on their own journeys to achieve better health and wellness.  This year I’m looking into the various certification programs out there to become a fully certified Health and Wellness Coach.  I believe this is my passion, my purpose for life!

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