Four Rounds of P90X Completed and 43 lbs. GONE!

It’s Motivation Monday! Every week we like to highlight a success story from someone we’ve been coaching. This week we’d like to share John’s story.

John completed four rounds of P90X in a little over a year. He lost 43 pounds! His cholesterol went from 235 to 183, and his blood pressure went from 135/85 to 106/62. Congratulations on your incredible success John! Below is his story in his own words.

Finding Time to Exercise

In high school and college, I was very involved in athletics. After college, in med school and residency, I didn’t find the time to do much exercise. At one point in residency, after I saw my wieght go up, I lost 20 pounds using “Slimfast” in about 4 months. After I stopped, the weight came right back on.This continued into my career. I saw myself getting bigger and bigger.

I tried to eat healthy, but that didn’t do a lot. My wife was always trying to get me do something for exercise. I tried a few things, but just didn’t like them and didn’t keep them up. I always told her “eventually I’ll do something”.  As I approached age 50, I really realized I better do something if I wanted to enjoy part-time work and retirement, or I might even be dead if I didn’t get back into shape.

A High Def TV, a Man Cave and P90X

I decided that if I got a high def TV in my man cave, I would order P90X and use it there. I listen to a lot of sports radio and heard about it from a lot of the personalities I listen to. My wife finally said I could get the TV, so I ordered the dvds. I started them as soon as I got them. The first week was hell. I couldn’t even get through a work out, but, like “uncle Tony” says, I just kept hitting play.

Within three to four weeks, I could really tell the difference in my energy level, and saw the weight beginning to disappear. So, I kept it up, tho didn’t do the full six days a week, usually about five days a week. I continued to see results, so just kept going.

Looking Better and Getting Results

As people began to tell me how much better I looked, it kept me motivated to keep going. I ended up completing four rounds of P90X in a little over a year. I lost 35 pounds (43 if I go back to six months before I started p90x), my cholesterol went from 235 to 183, and blood pressure went from 135/85 to 106/62.

“Uncle Tony”

I call him “uncle Tony” because after about four weeks of doing P90X, my wife and I went camping with our little dogs. We went on a nature trail, lots of roots to go around and logs to go over.  I had our Boston Terrier, who just “WANTS TO GO”!  I ran with her, and when we got to the end I couldn’t believe my own reaction. Normally, it would have been OMG, let me sit and have a beer. This time, it was “wow, that was fun, I want to do it again”.  So I told my wife that and said “thank you Uncle Tony” and it stuck.  That was probably part of why I kept P90X up too.

 Next Workout ~ Body Beast

John is doing Body Beast now and loving it! He also adds 10 Minute Trainer to his workouts.

Congratulations to John! Great job!!


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