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I’m excited to introduce Katheryn Foudray to you! She’s the founder The Healthy and Fit Home School Mom. I love her tips, advice and exercises for moms! Below is an article she wrote with some excellent tips for busy moms who want to be fit.

by Katheryn Foudray

As a busy homeschooling mom, I sometimes struggle to keep up with it all … spending time in the Word, teaching my children, doing housework, preparing meals, running errands, church activities, not to mention getting a good night’s rest and making time to nurture my marriage. Can you relate?

My five daughters, ranging in age from two to eleven, keep me plenty busy and I always seem to be looking for ways to get more out of my hours each day. In order to be healthy and have enough energy and stamina for this wild, wonderful life, I have learned the value of daily exercise.

Physical activity is vital for the overall well-being of a busy homeschool mom, strengthening us to be able to care for our families and to do all that God has called us to do. Plus it’s a great example for our children, too!

In much the same way that we schedule a date night with our husbands or schedule a daily quiet time with the Lord, we can and should schedule time for physical activity. Incorporating exercise into your daily schedule doesn’t have to be expensive or time consuming, however. Just 30 minutes a day can make a huge difference!

Here are some tips to encourage you as you look for ways to get more active:

exercise SCHEDULE IT

In order to increase your physical activity, make it a priority and schedule it into your daily routine. For some, it will work best to get up early in the morning, spend time in the Word, and then workout. For others, exercising in the afternoon or evening will be a better fit. Whatever your family’s unique needs, find a time that will help you get moving.


Dressing the part will encourage you to get moving, so get yourself some comfortable shoes and clothes for working out. Put on a pair of shorts or yoga pants and a cute shirt in a color you might not normally wear, and get ready to sweat!


There is nothing worse than overdoing a workout and suffering days later. Go at your own pace. If you can only do three repetitions of each exercise, that’s an awesome place to start. Do a few exercises and then go for a walk or a bike ride. Start slowly and get moving, and don’t forget to challenge yourself when you’re ready.


I have never been a fan of drastic changes because they often lead to failure, guilt, and defeat. So I encourage you to adopt small changes, such as adding a salad to lunch and dinner and adding protein to each meal. Make sure you have two healthy snacks and drink lots of water, too. Small changes will make it easier for you to develop a healthier lifestyle, which you will be more likely to maintain over the long haul.


Skimping on food and depriving yourself won’t make you lose weight faster. Enjoy your food. Take your time eating, and if you want a cookie, eat a cookie. Don’t feel guilty.


My kids enjoy doing some of the moves with me when I’m exercising. It’s also a lot of fun to do active things together as a family. Go for a bike ride or a walk, play soccer or a game of tag at the park, or if the weather’s too hot for outside activities, play a Wii game together. Not only will you get off the couch and get moving together, you’ll laugh a lot, too!

  mom Katheryn Foudray is a homeschooling mom of five daughters, ages 2-11. Join Katheryn online at The Healthy and Fit Homeschool Mom for weekly challenges that will help you adopt a healthier lifestyle. You will find daily workouts that are under 30 minutes and will leave you feeling great. She also shares her real life homeschool adventures that will surely leave you laughing and encouraged.

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