How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Learn How to Eat Healthy on a Budget

People ask me how to eat healthy on a budget all the time! So I thought I’d answer it today on Ask GolladayFit! Most people want to eat healthy, but they are on a tight budget so they don’t know what to do. If you are in this situation, here are a few tips for you.

Plan, Plan, Plan to Eat Healthy on a Budget

Planning is SO important when you want to eat healthy on a budget. If you plan, you are more likely to succeed! Here are a few things you can plan to help you save money.

– Plan your meals each week
– Plan your food budget each week
– Plan meals around the food you have in your cupboards and fridge already.
– Plan to buy only a few ingredients each week
– Plan to find coupons
– Plan to buy in bulk
– Plan to ONLY buy the amount of fresh foods you can eat before they spoil
– Plan to eat frozen veggies (fresh are best, but frozen is next best)
– Plan to buy store brands if they are cheaper
– Plan to freeze leftovers so they last longer
– Plan to sign up for the store discount card
– Plan to give your children VERY small portions so you don’t waste food
– Plan to shop when you can think clearly and you aren’t hungry
– Plan to double or triple a recipe and freeze the rest for later (saves on time and money)
– Plan to eat meatless meals during the week (healthier and less expensive)
-Plan to incorporate leftovers into your meals
-Plan to be creative with a fruit or veggie and use it different ways during the week
-Plan to plant a garden (fresher and cheaper)

Healthy Foods to Buy on a Budget

There are lots of foods you can eat when you are trying to eat healthy on a budget. Below are a few ideas for you!

-Day old bread. It costs less, but it’s still nutritious (Buy multi-grain bread, Ezekiel bread, gluten free bread, etc.)
– Regular rice, oatmeal and grits instead of the instant kind to save on money, sugar and calories
-Fresh fruits in season when they cost less
-Almond, rice, coconut or 1% milk
-Dried beans and peas (good source of protein)
– Chuck or bottom round roast has less fat, and they are cheaper than sirloin
– Buy meat on sale if you buy it
– Whole fruits and veggies (the pre-cut are more expensive)
– Carrot, greens and red potatoes are good all year round
– Apples and bananas are good all year round
-Lean meats or fish (chicken, salmon, halibut, etc.). Costco and Sam’s Club have good deals on fish
-Whole wheat tortillas
– Only buy these foods organic- peaches, apples, sweet bell peppers, celery, nectarines, strawberries, cherries, pears, grapes, imported spinach, lettuce potatoes
-Join a community supported agriculture program
-Can, dry or freeze fruits and veggies when they are cheap. They will be lower in cost, but high in nutrition when you need them later

Foods to AVOID
– Pre-bagged salad mixes. They are more expensive and spoil faster
-White breads of all kind
-Frozen dinners (even if they say they are healthy, they are NOT!)
-Pre-packaged meats (especially lunch meats)
– DON’T eat fast food (it’s not nutritious, and it costs more)
-Avoid processed foods in general

Need Help?
If you need help eating healthy on a budget, comment below or email me at GolladayFit at I’d be happy to help you with your individual needs.


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