Eat 5 Times a Day? Really?

Weigh In Day

It’s Weigh In Day!! Every Monday is Weigh In Day! Take time to weigh yourself, take your measurements and body fat and evaluate your progress.

We started weighing ourselves every Monday when we started getting in shape last Sept. 2011. This really helped us stay on track! The number on the scales isn’t very important. The most important thing is your progress and how you are doing.

How Can You Possibly Eat Five Times a Day?!

One of the things that has helped our weight loss the most is eating five to six times a day. Eating throughout the day makes a BIG difference in your progress!

People say, “I have kids. There’s no way I could eat five times a day!” or “I work full time. I don’t think I could eat five times a day! I barely have time to eat two to three times a day!”

Well, the truth is it takes planning and preparation, but it CAN be done!

10 Tips for Eating Five Times a Day 

– Plan your meals and snacks eat week.
2– Go grocery shopping once a week so you have everything available when you are ready to eat!
3– Throw out MOST of the junk food in your house (cookies, cakes, doughnuts, candy, etc.)
4– Notice I said MOST, but not ALL? This is because you need to allow yourself treats! Allowing yourself treats is so important because you won’t crave the treats as much and eat a whole cake because you feel deprived!!
5– Determine how many calories you need each day by going to this site:
6– Take that number and divide by five. Eat about (it doesn’t have to be exact) that many calories five times a day.
7– Start eating every three hours.
8– Notice what you eat. Write it down. Every little thing. Even if it’s just a bite.
9– Look at what you ate at the end of the day to see what you are eating.
10– Keep trying each day! If you don’t do it one day, try again the next day!


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