Can you Drink Shakeology While Nursing or Pregnant?

Can you drink Shakeology while pregnant or nursing? Can you Drink Shakeology While Nursing or Pregnant?

Moms ask me this question all the time. I had the same question when I was nursing my baby and trying to lose weight!

If you look on the Shakeology package it says, “Consult with a healthcare professional if pregnant, breast feeding, or if you have any other unique or special needs.”

What the Professionals Said

After reading the notice on the back of the bag, I went straight to the professionals. I wanted to be safe while nursing. My friend also asked her doctor too. This is what the people who actually looked at Shakeology said.

My friend’s doctor ~ “Every pregnant woman should drink this. It has all the nutrition a pregnant woman needs. I wish all pregnant women would drink it.”

The health food store ~ “It looks ok to us,” after they reviewed the ingredients.

The pharmacist ~ “As long as you get enough calories each day, you should be ok to drink it. They have to put that notice on the back to cover themselves legally.”

The chiropractor ~ “It looks ok to me. I don’t see why not.”

Shakeology Sample Why I Used it While Nursing

After I talked to the professionals, I personally used Shakeology while nursing. I began using it four months after my baby was born. I nursed my baby for 14 months. So I ended up using it a long time while I was nursing.

I have two little girls. I didn’t know about Shakeology when I was nursing my first baby.

There was a big difference between my first and second babies. I don’t know if it was Shakeology, but my second baby was a lot healthier than my first. She wasn’t sick very often, and she was healthier and stronger overall. Her hair was also healthier.

Should you Drink it While Nursing or Pregnant? 

I suggest taking  Shakeology to your doctor to ask them before drinking Shakeology. I personally think it is ok to drink it while nursing or pregnant, but it is always a good idea to ask your doctor first!

Some doctors will say that you shouldn’t have any meal replacement shakes while nursing or pregnant. The main reason they say this is because most women don’t eat enough calories if they have shakes.

It’s not usually the shake that is the problem. It is SO important to get enough good calories each day in your diet if you are pregnant or nursing. You need 500 more calories each day. You also need a lot more water. If you don’t get enough calories each day or enough water, your milk will dry up.

I personally lost 43 pounds while nursing my baby and using Shakeology. It is possible to lose weight and keep your milk if you eat enough of the right kinds of foods to fuel your body.

Where Can You Find this Shake? 

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