Can you Still Dream Big as a Mom?

Before I Became a Mom

Me and my roommates in New York during my internship.

Me and my roommates in New York during my internship.

When I was younger I had BIG dreams for my future. I wanted to get my bachelor’s degree, be a missionary for 18 months in another country for my church, travel the world, do an internship in New York, work as a public relations / marketing director , run a marathon, run half marathons, buy my own place, and more.

I set goals, worked as hard as I could and accomplished them. I always thought BIG and looked at the future with hope that good things were going to happen.

I was able to get my bachelor’s degree in public relations, become a missionary for my church in England / Wales for 18 month, travel to Europe, Jerusalem, Egypt, Jordan, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand, Fiji and other countries. I did an internship in New York City, New York for a travel public relations firm. I worked as a marketing / public relations director for two different companies in an eight year time frame, I ran a marathon and at least 8 or 9 half marathons. I built my own condo.

All of these goals were set and accomplished before I got married at the age of 26 (it was 2 weeks before I turned 27). My dream board ended when I got married and had kids. Those were the last things on the list. I dreamt of doing all of those things my whole life, and I didn’t think beyond getting married and having kids.

Life After the Dream Board Ended

It was kind of a weird feeling to accomplish everything on my list. I didn’t know where to go next or what to dream about. I still did good things. I continued to work doing public relations and marketing. I traveled with my husband. I enjoyed life. Things were good, but I didn’t have any more BIG dreams like I did before.


After my first baby was born

I let myself go. I didn’t care as much about being fit and healthy. I ate whatever I wanted, and didn’t exercise very much. I gained 15 pounds in the first year of marriage. Then I gained 45 pounds during my first pregnancy. I was 29 at this point. I felt blah and depressed when I came home from the hospital. I couldn’t believe how bad I felt inside and out. I was out of shape and had no passion for anything anymore.

I Don’t Need to be Like This

One day I was sitting in my condo looking outside holding my baby. It was sunny outside, but I didn’t feel happy inside. I didn’t like how I felt. I wanted the “old” me back that had passion and dreams.

I decided to make a change. I began walking and running. I did this for about six months, but the weight still wasn’t coming off like I wanted it to. Then I discovered Beachbody workouts. I started with P90X. I did it for 90 days. Then I did Insanity. I dropped the weight

After P90X and Insanity.

After P90X and Insanity.

and got in shape to run a 1/2 marathon after 5 months of doing the programs. I felt amazing! I started getting my passion back.

After Baby #2 

I was determined not to gain the weight again with my second, but I did. I gained a lot again, and I felt blah. This time I was determined NOT to get depressed or be in the place I was in before. So I started with Insanity this time.  I did Insanity for 90 days. The first month was really tough because I was 178 pounds and I had a c-section two months before, but I did it. Then I did month one again and moved onto month two. I lost 25 pounds, and I felt amazing.

That’s when I decided I wanted to pay it forward and become a Beachbody Coach in Dec. 2011. I still had a lot of weight to lose (about 25 pounds), but it motivated me to work harder and be better.  It was amazing helping others not only change on the outside, but also on the inside. I was able to lose all the weight plus more and get in the best shape of life after my second baby.

Creating a Dream Board Again

After my second baby. Down 52 pounds.

After my second baby. Down 52 pounds.

Now, at the age of 32 I’m dreaming again. At first I didn’t think I should dream anymore because I was a mom. I thought it was ok to be overweight, feel blah and not have any personal dreams of my own. I thought that’s just how it was going to be since I was a mom now.  Then I realized that it doesn’t need to be like that. I CAN dream again. I CAN be in shape and feeling amazing. I’m actually a BETTER mom since I’m in shape and have energy. It also helps me be a better mom if I have dreams of my own to look forward to.

My BIG Dreams

So here are my BIG dreams. They say if you write them down, they’ll happen. I wrote all of the dreams I had down before, and they happened. So it’s time to do it again.

1- Live in a house. A real house with a garage that we can live in for more than two years. I’ve moved every 1-2 years since I moved out of my parents’ house in 1999. I want to establish a home and stay there. I already know what it looks like. I’ll post pictures.

2-  Grow my Beachbody business to be making a full-time income. I’ve made about $20,700 so far in this business since I started in Dec. 2011. I’m ready to grow it into a large organization.

3- Become a 10 Star Diamond Coach by December 2013.

4- Go on a cruise next March with Beachbody. 

5- Become an elite coach in 2013.

6- Have two more kids in the next four years.

7- Grow our Fit Club in Gilbert and then start other Fit Clubs in other areas.

8- Run another 1/2 marathon in 2013 and get my time under 1 hr. 53 min.

9- Get my business on TV, radio, newspapers and magazines locally in Arizona.

10- Serve as a missionary with my husband after we retire. (Long term goal)

Time to Make it Happen

Now it’s time to make these happen! I’m excited! Anything can happen with the right drive and determination. I’ll keep you posted on my progress. 🙂

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Hi! My name is Shannon Golladay! I'm married and have three little girls. I am passionate about helping moms feel and look amazing! I struggled with my weight during and after my pregnancies. I found a way to workout at home and get in awesome shape! Now I'm paying it forward and helping other moms like me reach their goals.

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