Down 28 Pounds From Shakeology and the Clean Slate Challenge!

It’s Success Sunday! Every Sunday we highlight a success story from our group! We’d like to congrate Rebecca for losing 28 pounds in just over two months! Her daughter, Katie, is a coach on our team. Katie encouraged her mom to try Shakeology and join our Clean Slate Challenge in May. The rest is history! Rebecca is down 28 pounds since then!


Prior to May, I had essentially given up the hope of ever losing weight.  I had no idea how many calories were in what I was eating. I would eat/graze all evening sitting watching TV. I actually ate like I was deliberately trying to gain weight. All I had to do was think about losing weight and I’d gain another 10 (or 20) pounds.

In May, my daughter Katie, (Katastrophic) came home from college, and informed me she was taking me under her wing, and we would lose weight together. She introduced me to MyFitnessPal and Shakeology.  Since then, I have had a Shakeology shake for breakfast every day, and I measure and log all my food on MyFitnessPal. “Stir fry” with baked chicken and brown rice is one of our staple meals.


My biggest challenges were sweets and chocolate. I love chocolate. The 30 day challenge to end emotional eating (Clean Slate Challenge) was exactly what I needed, at exactly the right time. The support and accountability were a key combination to getting on the right track.

My challenges are a little different now. I think I have the “rejecting bad food” as a standard operating procedure, and then there will be a temptation that surprises me. Now that I’m back at work, drinking all my water is a bigger challenge. Eating all my calories is another. I frequently don’t get a chance to eat at work, then I’m too tired to eat a balanced meal before bed, I’ll eat an ounce of nuts and half cup of low fat cottage cheese.

My other challenge is getting “exercise” done. Frankly I have not exercised on my exercise bike since July; the only exercise my physical therapist and doctor agreed I could do, as I recover from my scrambled ankle and broken leg.  In reality, all my weight loss has been from Shakeology and eating right. I need to focus on getting on my exercise bike every day!

Story and photos used with permission from Rebecca. 


Join our next Clean Slate Challenge to get rid of your bad eating habits once and for all! Our next 30 Day Challenge begins on Aug. 13! Comment on this post or email us at GolladayFit at to join!

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