Don’t Drink Your Calories!

Yay! It’s Friday! Every Friday we post a WEEKEND CHALLENGE to help you be more healthy and fit!

The challenge for this week is going to be really hard for some people, but we are challenging you NOT to drink your calories! You’ll save money too!


Patrick and I went to a work dinner last January. We went to a nice restaurant, and everyone on our table ordered a drink except the lady who sat next to me.

After everyone ordered their drinks, the lady next to me whispered, “I don’t drink my calories.”

I looked at my raspberry lemonade when she said that…

“Oh great!” I thought. “I’m supposed be the one saying that to her!”

She was right. I shouldn’t have waisted my calories on a lemonade. We had salads/soups, dinner rolls, a meal and a dessert! I shouldn’t have wasted calories on a drink too.

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