Difficult Doesn’t Mean Impossible

I had the honor and privilege of meeting Lou at Beachbody’s Coach Summit in Las Vegas. He told us his story while we were waiting in line. I was so inspired by it! Most people in his situation would let excuses get in their way from getting fit and healthy, but not him!

I asked Lou to share his story with you. This is his story in his own words. You can find him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/louis.cicciari to cheer him on!

Lou’s Story

I lost both of my legs due to strep throat at the age of 7. Even though I was in a wheelchair, I was very active and played many wheelchair sports such as basketball, football, tennis, and even martial arts.

As I got older it became more difficult to keep my weight at a manageable level especially after I stopped playing sports. Due to the common excuses we all use such as time, work, marriage, etc…the weight really started to pile on.

The P90X Challenge Group

Last August 2012, I got an email from a friend of mine John Schneider. I met John at several car and charity events. His email asked if I wanted to be part of a P90x “challenge group.”

What the heck is a challenge group? I thought the email was some kind of spam and I almost deleted it. But I decided to respond to see if it really was John that sent it.

I said in the email that we had met and I gave him my phone number to call me. I never thought I would hear from him. I not only got another email from JS but also a voice mail. It was him! He told me all about P90x and explained what a challenge group was all about.

Down 50 Pounds and Feeling Inspired!

So I did exactly what John told me to do. I took all my body measurements and weighed myself. When I jumped up on the scale I was shocked as to how much weight I had gained. Well since last August 2012 I have been using P90x, Les Mills Combat, and Les Mills Pump, and of course Shakeology to lose 50 pounds as of June 2013. My goal is lose another 50 pounds!

I feel great and very inspired. Beachbody has saved my life! This is only part of my story. I’m looking forward to making a video and posting pictures about my journey.

Lou Cicciari

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