21 Day Fix

Do you go on and off Your Diet?

Common phrases I hear from people are:

    • I am “on a diet”
    • I “fell off the wagon”
    • I will “start again on Monday”
    • I can’t eat that because I’m on a strict “diet”

Stop Going on and off Your “Diet”

Is this you? If so STOP right away! If you do this consistently, you will yo-yo with your weight, and you will never be OK with how you look and feel!

Make it a lifestyle change instead of a “diet”.

There are NO Quick Fixes

The truth is there are no quick fixes. Ok, there are quick fixes but there are NO quick fixes that are healthy and LASTING. If you do something to get a quick fix, most likely you will gain the weight back plus MORE! So don’t look for quick fixes. Look for a lifestyle change. A plan that you can do forever. If you can’t do it forever, DON’T do it at all! It’s not worth it.

Beachbody’s 21 Day Fix

Beachbody came out with a new program today called the 21 Day Fix. I love this program because it is a lifestyle change. For 21 days they teach you how to eat the right portion sizes without counting calories, what kinds of food to eat and also what kinds of workouts to do (they’re only 30 min.).

I love what I’ve heard so far about this program because it a total solution for someone who wants a lifestyle change. You will see results quickly, but you will also be able to maintain this way of life, which is the most important.

Here is a webinar we did last week with some more info. about this new program. Beachbody Coach, Brad Bizjack, from the test group spoke on our webinar to tell us about his experience with the 21 Day Fix.

Ready to Order the 21 Day Fix?

When you order the 21 Day Fix from me, you will also get a workout buddy, a support group and me as your coach supporting you every step of the way! Click on the button to order.

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