Conscious Eating Tips

It’s time for the WEEKEND CHALLENGE! Every week we post a challenge for the weekend to help you be more healthy and fit!

Conscious Eating

This week’s challenge is to be conscious of your eating! This is something we’ve been working on lately since we’ve been doing the Ultimate Reset.Part of the Ultimate Reset is to be more conscious of what you eat. Here are some tips they gave us during the Reset. These were taken from the Ultimate Reset Guide.1- Take a moment before you eat. Some people pray or offer thanks for their food. Others reflect on how fortunate they are even to have food. Some professional athletes think about what they want their food to do for them.2- Try to make eating a pleasant experience. Stress disrupts digestion and nutrient assimilation. Try to be calm when you eat even if it’s hard. Turn off all electronics while you eat to help you enjoy your meal. This helps you have less stress around you while eating.

3- Take 3-4 slow breaths to center yourself before starting your meal.

4- Remember digestion begins in your mouth. Eat slowly and chew your food thoroughly. Put your utensils down while you’re chewing.

5- Pay attention to your body while you’re eating. Notice the movement of your muscles, limbs, jaw, teeth, lips and tongue. Be present. Get to know the entire habit of eating, instead of only the quick routine of taste, chew, swallow, repeat.

This is conscious eating. This is a stress reducer and a super way to help your body (in fact your entire being) assimilate your food, realign with your own personal energy, and move toward optimum health and well-being.


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