Congratulations to Tammy for Losing 50 lbs.!

I love sharing success stories from people who have done our health and fitness challenges! Congratulations to Tammy for losing over 50 lbs.! You can find her here on Facebook to learn more about her-

Tammy’s Story

My Name is Tammy, and I wanted to share my fitness journey with you. I have always been active and fit and never had any obstacles when it came to working out.

In May of last year I was diagnosed with hypo thyroid, I had been putting on a lot of weight and did not understand why! I was going to the gym working out eating no more than usual probably not as healthy as i could have been but i still continued to gain! I was surfing through FB and Trisha My Beachbody coach popped up on my news feed, I looked a few times liked a few posts and kept on passing by!

Trisha messaged me near the end of May, and we chatted for about three weeks. I still kept putting her off until something finally clicked! Why was I paying an insane amount of money to go to the gym when I could give this a try!

My first workout was the biggest slim down contest! I did the 30 days of various workouts mostly Insanity, and lost 30 pounds! YES 30 pounds! I managed to keep most of it off fell a few times. Then I decided to become a Beachbody Coach.

I started P90X 3. I did this for 3 weeks until Hammer and Chisel came out! I started Hammer and Chisel On January 4 in the challenge group which lasted 60 days! I am down 15 more pounds and a total of about 21 inches off my whole body since May!

The best part of all of this is not only my weight loss, It is getting to help others reach their fitness goals as well! When people tell me, “I can’t do that,” my reply is, “You absolutely can! I am living proof! This is what 50 and getting fit looks like!”

Find Tammy on Facebook here-


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