Congratulations to Patrick for Running his first 1/2 Marathon!

PatrickMaking Your Mind Up and Doing It

A few weeks ago Patrick told me he was going to run a 1/2 marathon. I thought he was crazy since he didn’t have much time to train, but he was determined to do it.

So he started running each morning before work. He ran almost everyday for a couple weeks. The neighbors even started referring to him as the “runner.”

He ran 10 miles before the race. That was the most he’d ever run before in his life.

Then the day of the race came. He was determined to run it, and make it the whole way! He knew he could do it in his mind. He was confident and sure he could make it.

He ran the whole race without stopping! I was really proud of him. It was his first 1/2 marathon.

He said Les Mills Pump helped him strengthen his legs. He’s been doing that workout for a few months.

I’m really proud of him! Now we’ll have to run one together! Take a look at this video of him crossing the finish line!

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