Congratulations Judy Mark for losing 14″ and 10 lbs.!!

Please help me congratulate Judy Mark! She’s our Leader of the Week & our Fit Coach of the Week! She’s lost 10 lbs. and 14″ total since she started her Beachbody journey.

She’s lost 7.5 lbs. and 14 inches in the past two months since she started her new weight lifting program (see results below!)! You’re doing awesome Judy!! Go here to follow her journey- Go here to follow her on Facebook-

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This is her story in her own words:

“I wanted to share my fit journey so far. I never used to need to work out. Or even watch what I ate. I could eat more than a lot of men and was called the girl with the hollow leg.

I also had A very very fast metabolism and was always working very physically hard. From when I was 6 years old carrying, rather dragging, big heavy milkers in the dairy barn to growing up throwing a lot of square bales, riding horse, seeing just how much grain a could shovel in 20 min without stopping. I felt invincible!!!! I was FARMFIT!!!!

And then I got a little older and We got pregnant. I was told just eat whatever you want. Come on you’re pregnant. It doesn’t matter. Well, so I did. I was still very active but let’s be honest. Just how active can a lady that felt as big as a house be. Especially when she ate everything in sight. I gained a little over 60 lbs. .
Our son was born super healthy and we felt so blessed, but the elephant in the room still existed. I wanted to lose that weight.
I went on pills, I tried cleansing, I tried doing bouts of working out, I tried online bootcamps, I spent a lot of money trying all kinds of products. For 3 years I tried and gave up. I lost all the weight yes. But guess what I didn’t have a plan and I gained all the 25 lbs. back. I had kind of given up and realized that I just needed to love my body for what it was. !!!

But I still did not love it. I was 26 years old and hated what I saw in the mirror. I was blah!! And always tired and exhausted. I wanted the body I knew I could have. So I kept searching.

And then in October On my birthday I began my journey to health for life and I was introduced to Beachbody. I was very Leary. I thought why would I spend money on anything else. But I decided. What do I have to lose. So I jumped in with two feet and became an online Beachbody coach. I learned how to be accountable, I learned that I was not alone, I finally had what I had been missing all along. THE WHOLE PACKAGE!!!

  • nutrition
  • workouts that fit my schedule
  • support and motivation
  • a full plan

Congratulations on your success so far Judy!

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